RecruitmentWCC22 the privilege to attempt their own pleadings

RecruitmentWCC22 is committed to maintaining and promoting an international standard and a diversified panel of practitioners from all recognised jurisdictions and beyond. Presently, we have a wide panel of members comprised of individuals from the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa and Hong Kong. We are proud of the international esteem and recognition WCC22 has garnered as a result of our team of dedicated specialists.  We are proud of our excellent reputation in providing a highly-skilled support, professional service and advice to our clients.Based on the promise of high-standard service, WCC22 maintain a stringent recruitment process. We only recruit ambitious individuals who have a flair and magnetism towards the field of financial crime.Assessment criteriaOur selection process is categorised into four sections. We assess potential candidates with reference to the following criteria:·       Academic qualifications;·       Intellect;·       Advocacy experience and achievements;·       Interest in Financial Crime.In the preliminary stages, all potential candidates will be assessed on paper. Upon selection, candidates will then be invited for the first round of interview. At the first stage, all applications are considered on paper to determine which candidates should be invited for the interview. Shortlisted candidates will then take part in second round of interviews. During the interviews, candidates will usually be invited to present an argument against a short written problem at one or both interview stages. Candidates will have 45 minutes to prepare for their submissions. Subsequently, successful candidates will be notified within a period of three working days.Career at WCC22The first eight-months with WCC22 comprise of a traineeship. Trainees are expected to co-operate with their supervisors and accompany them where it is deemed necessary.Trainees will take part in hearings and client conferences and will have the privilege to attempt their own pleadings following the first three months of training. Trainees are required to research the relevant law and thoroughly read any briefs and documents given to them by their supervisors. Trainees may be required to make international visits at the expense of WCC22 where the work undertaken by the firm is that of a cross-jurisdictional matter.  Senior Consultants at WCC22 will frequently conduct seminars, webinars and training for Trainees. Trainees are required to attend and assist them in all these activities.Upon the successful recommendation of their Supervisor and the WCC22 international panel, Trainees will complete their traineeship. Thereafter, they will be able and are expected to accept instructions of their own volition and capacity. If you are interested in becoming a member, please drop your CV and Cover Letter in the Contact Us section.