Ref extremely heavy objects. Having this invention around

Ref railcar, Gas tractor, Cotton gin

I think these three topics are the most important out of all eight topics. These each have a major
purpose. Without them we wouldn’t be provided with the resources we need. I believe that the
refrigerated railcar, the gas tractor and the cotton gin are the main inventions we couldn’t live
without. There are other inventions like the driverless tractor, but that isn’t necessary because if
there is a normal tractor that works efficiently you don’t really need the more expensive version.
The first main invention is the refrigerated railcar. The reason it’s in the top 3 is because if we
didn’t have it there wouldn’t be a quick and efficient way to import fresh and frozen foods to
grocery stores. Yeah i guess you could just load it into a truck and be done with it, but then the
food would go bad before it got to the stores. Thats the reason why the railcar is refrigerated. So
if we didn’t have it we could be getting truck-delivered food, which would be old.
The second main invention is the gas tractor. It is really important to agriculture because, the
tractor is very important for hauling heavy loads. Without the tractor, it would become
increasingly difficult to haul different supplies and other extremely heavy objects. Having this
invention around just made farmers lives a lot easier.
The third invention is the cotton gin. The reason this invention is in the top three is because, it
has changed the cotton industry greatly. In the past people had to pick the cotton by hand and
separate it themselves. This was an extremely time consuming process and the outcome wasn’t
that great. But now that there is a machine to do the work for you there is a much bigger amount
of cotton in a shorter period of time.
In conclusion I think these three inventions should be in the top three. The refrigerated railcar
because it delivers food and keeps it fresh. The gas tractor because it is a very useful product for
farmers. And the cotton gin because it is way more effective than handpicking cotton. These are
my top three inventions.

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