Reflection grid, should decide and agree on the

Reflectionis a conscious process.

It assists us to learn from experience, creates andclarifies that what we need to think and change. Therefore, it can be alearning tool for us to take a particular event and examine what we werethinking at that time. Being a higher level student should have an open mind ofher action and theories, to recognize their viewing of situations andsolutions. In this paper, I will use the reflection model of Gibb’s (1988) toshow you what I have learned during the marking workshop which is the mostuseful for me to prepare the coming assignment in my future studyThe Gibbs (1988) reflective cycle is the most prevalent model of reflection. It is useful in areal situation, also can be adapted to mirror Kolb’s (1984) learning cycle. It’sdivided into six stages of reflection. The lecturer in StudySkills for Health Care Professionals, asking us to congregate in a group of sixand then she hands us a past assignment which topic is about Health Promotion.

She stated we should enforce the learning outcomes and the level 6 markingcriteria to stick the assignment,and we demand to score each section of the marking criteria grid, should decideand agree on the scoresin our group.Atthe beginning of the workshop, the lecturer told us to check the pastassignment, it is so anxious for me, we are students only, and how can we judgethe assignment? After that we sustain a group discussion, we question that isit the past assignment can be achieved marking criteria or not? I feel amusedand accomplishment during the discussion, because all of our members canexpress their opinions, we can summarize and discussed in deep in every markingcriteria point, then agree on the marks for this paper. At the end of theworkshop, we are so excited to show the scores to the classmate. There arediffering greatly among other groups, it is 45 – 60, for the lecturer marks is35 – 64.Wepossess a group discussion; we are thinking about that the past assignment canbe clarity of construction, attention to purpose, with a good character andevidence of scanning, knowledge of theory or not?It’s good for me to reflect when we prepare the further assignment what weshould focus on, for instance, how to manage theliterature and write a good referencing to avoid plagiarism, and perform critical analysis