Reforms reforms changed lives. I explained the urban

Reforms During the Progressive EraDid you know that the reform movement supported the government having a bigger role in addressing issues ? During the Progressive Era there were many reforms that help people and political ways. Reforming during the Progressive Era was helpful for social welfare for kids, adults, and Urban poor people. During the Progressive Era one of the reforms was social welfare for kids which was very beneficial. They described what a healthy & happy childhood should look like. They cared for children & they opened libraries, fed people, and built pools for the kids and others. They helped maintain moms around the state and gave kids something productive and fun to do. In 1974 congress made their first law on protecting kids. They made child protective home that had policies and laws. Laws were being passed like abuse and abandon toward children. It was passed in all fifty states. It kept kids that had nothing from being stranded and poor. During the Progressive Era there were many reforms these are some under social welfare of kids.There were other reforms like urban poor that helped people out to. A famous writer that spent his whole life going against poverty published a book telling people how nasty and horrible things was around the city.There was settlement houses built but led by women of middle & upper class that provided social service and education to the poor. This help poor people get the education they need and try to do something better with their lives. The congress passed the stop gap which slowed down the immigrants from coming in fast. The national origins were stopped in 1965 which was going on since 1921. In the mist they brought many immigrants over the water to the U.S. Immigration wasn’t the most helpful during the Progressive Era.The other reform i will talk about is social welfare of adults. They helped out with working rights and women rights. Women earned their rights to vote and worked for social reforms.The worker rights help people work in better safe and conditions with benefits. The social welfare of adults also had something to do with segregation. In 1896 the supreme court flourished segregation. Black leaders joined white reformers.This is how those reforms affect and help during the Progressive Era.Reforms  were helpful to many during the progressive era. As i talked about in my paper you can see how helpful and how much the reforms changed lives. I explained the urban poor, social welfare for kids and adults and their reforms.