Regardless avoid reporting because the fear from termination

Regardless of who is doing it or where it occurs, bullying will always be bullying. It occurs also in workplace. Harassment in workplace is considered bullying. Harassment can be in many forms either verbal or physical behaviors. These behaviors can come from both co-workers or management or any superior staff members. These behaviors create intimidating environment in the workplace. Use of offensive words or actions and are considered Workplace Harassment.


Types Of Workplace Harassment

Skin color




Religious beliefs

Political Beliefs

Many people avoid reporting because the fear from termination and retaliation. Most of these behaviors are illegal and if anyone faces these behaviors must report the situation and should not let it continue. Every employee has the right to work in a non-discriminatory environment.

Employees are also affected when there is any negative behavior causing negative work environment.

How to Report Workplace Harassment Discrimination

If one experiences any discrimination or being harassed, he or she need to report the incident to the supervisor or upper management. Then discuss the situation to human resource department keeping detailed information about the incident.

Other Types of Workplace Harassment: Based on Unwelcome Verbal or Physical Actions

There are also other types of behavior or workplace harassment that occur and many people don’t realize that they are being harassed. These behaviors are also forms of bullying.

Here are some examples of workplace harassment


§   Passing negative comments at work about an employee

§   Use of racial slurs or words

§   Offensive or vulgar gestures

§   Display of any image that can be offensive against people’s beliefs

§   Shouting at an employee

§   Use of offensive jokes

§   No right to privacy or over-monitoring and criticizing an employee’s work

§   Deliberately overloading work

§   Setting someone to fail purposefully

§   Not providing necessary information deliberately for someone to perform their job better

§   Intentionally not welcoming someone at workplace discussion



How to Stop Bullying and Harassing Behaviors at Work


If one likes his work and want to continue working, them bullying should not be the reason for one to leave the job. Here are some measures you can take if one is experiencing workplace harassment

·         1) Talking with the bully and asking him to stop the behavior in a calm manner. Avoid raising your voice to avoid making the situation worse

·         Keep a record of every time you are being bullied, for example the bully’s name, date, time or any further relevant proof.

·         Be calm and avoid rushing to the boss every time you face an incident. Take the time required to collect proper evidence and document and explain the situation clearly and professionally why you are being harassed. This manner you will be taken more seriously rather than a person who is emotional and overreacts every time for every situation

·         If the situation doesn’t get better, then you have the right to report the case to higher management or to a lawyer.


The issue of workplace harassment and bullying has to be taken seriously. Knowing the signs of bullying and workplace harassment and knowing you have the right to work are the right steps in correcting the situation. A bullying incident must never be allowed to continue


It is your right to work in in environment free from harassment and bullying