Religion Groundhog Day Test Questions

Film Title?
“Groundhog Day”

Recurring Date and Month?
February 2

Main Character?
Phil Conners

Identify and describe the roles played by (3) supporting characters?
-Rita is the producer that is also the love interest and makes Phil a better man-Larry is the cameraman and teaches him how to treat people nicely -Ned Ryerson an insurance agent and old high school classmate that Phil keeps running into

Match the 7 Deadly Sins to the 7 Contrary Virtues.
Anger – Forgiveness Envy – KindnessGluttony – TemperanceGreed – Charity Lust – ChastityPride – HumilitySloth – Diligence

Define Altruism.
Altruism – the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.

Define Hedonism.
Hedonism – the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence.

Smashing of the alarm clock represents…
Phil going insane that day and the following days

5 ways the main character dies?
Drives of a cliff Shoots himselfJumps in front of a bus Toaster in the bathJumps off a tower

5 skills mastered by the main character?
Learns to play the piano Ice sculpting Changing a tire Heimlich 18th century French Poetry

Circumstances / conditions / events which brought about conversion.


He comes to start loving Rita.

Connection between death of the “old man” (in spite of the main characters efforts to save his life) and our will VS. God’s will
Even though he tries for many days to save the old man he can not undo the death that happens everyday. much like when we try to defy God

New Testament character with an Allegorical connection.
-Phil is like Paul because he goes through a conversion experience.

-Rita is like Luke because she stays with him the whole time.

Main character offers the following winter prediction: “It’s gonna be cold; – it’s gonna be gray; – and it’s gonna last the rest of your life!” *Interpret this prediction from a “Narnian” perspective.
The connection is that he sees the winter as a long never ending thing full of sadness.