Religious freedom is a right in the United

freedom is a right in the United States that is protected by the First
Amendment, it is closely associated with church and state. Many citizens all
over the world are forced into religions the day that they are born. They are
placed into their parent’s or grandparent’s lifestyle a choice and in some
cases they are distraught with their beliefs. Freedom of religion is a constitutional
right that supports the freedom of an individual or community to manifest
religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance.

though that in 1993 the United States federal law stated that it “ensures
that interests in religious freedom are protected,” That may not be the
case for all religions throughout the United states. The acceptance of religion
in the US can be classified as sometimes biased when it comes to allowing
religious freedom. Most recently, Muslim communities in the U.S. have faced a
disturbing wave of bigotry and outright hostility. Overtime the muslin
community had a name collectively as terrorists.

the years, different acts of terrorism from the muslin culture had led to make
most of the population believe that muslins are dangerous people and should be
shunned. In today’s society they are discriminated just by the fact of their
religion and are forced to hide their religion or to change it completely.
Women walking home in their hijabs with their children are frightened in the
case of someone making hateful remarks.

the other hand, religious freedom has its place where each religion is free to
serve whoever and whatever they like. There are over 120 religions in the
United States and each one of them is protected under the First Amendment act.
people than ever before are identifying as atheist, agnostic, or otherwise
nonreligious, with potentially world-changing effects. Also more religious
groups are being formed, some we haven’t heard of and they also will have their
equal respect.

Freud regarded God as an illusion, based on the infantile need for a powerful
father figure; religion, necessary to help us restrain violent impulses earlier
in the development of civilization, can now be set aside in favor of reason and
science. If that theory is viewed as true or not religion is an outlet for
citizens to release stress and escape reality through spending time with
whoever they may worship.