Renaissance Poetry Topics

Whoso List to Hunt
hunting the illusive Anne Boleyn

Sonnet 30
a man’s fiery passion and a woman’s indifference somehow fuel a relationship

Sonnet 75
the tide washes away his lover’s name, so he solidifies it in poetry

Sonnet 18
she is better than a summer’s day and her beauty will be eternal in poetry

Sonnet 29
sometimes he wants to live the life of others, but then remembers he has his lover to himself

Sonnet 73
death and old age can encourage love due to the lack of time left with one another

Sonnet 116
Defines love as an unmoving, timeless marriage of true minds

Sonnet 130
his love is a unique, human woman not to be compared to ridiculous things

The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
come be my love; I’m desperate… I’ll give you fancy gifts!

The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd
you’re foolish to be so optimistic, but if you would remain forever young I would be your love

seven impossible tasks, most notably finding a loyal and true woman

Meditation 17
Christians are part of one indispensable body (book, continent), and tribulation brings us closer to God (money)

Death Be Not Proud
Death is pathetic and powerless, especially to those who will have eternal life in heaven

On My First Son
mourns the death of a 7 yr old boy; his ‘best work of poetry’ is lucky to die young and escape the pain of the world

Song: To Celia
makes a toast with his eyes, she makes a floral wreath immortal with her breath..

. Love?