Responsibilities of a first aider

In this essay I’m going to write about the responsibilities of a first aider. I will also outline the contents of a first aid kit and accident recording procedures that comply with legal requirements.

A First Aider is someone who can provide immediate assistance or treatment to anyone injured or suddenly taken ill before the arrival of emergency services.

As a first aider you have many responsibilities in an emergency situation. One of these is to assess a situation quickly, safely and summon appropriate assistance. Another responsibility is to protect those involved in the incident, for example casualties and any other people at the scene who may be in any possible danger.

When dealing with any casualties it’s the fist aider’s responsibility to identify (to the best of his or her knowledge) the injury or condition affecting the sufferer. After identifying the casualties’ conditions it’s then the first aider’s responsibility to give each casualty early but appropriate treatment in order of those in the most serious condition. While giving treatment it is an important responsibility of the first aider to prevent cross infection between themselves and the casualty.

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The first aider should also arrange transport for the any of the casualties who are in need of hospitalisation, into the care of a doctor or to their home. A further responsibility of a first aider is to remain with the casualties until the appropriate care become available. Once this care arrives it is also the first aider’s responsibility to report your observations to those taking over care of the sufferers and to give further assistance if required.

A first aid kit that fulfils legal statutory legal requirements should contain the following things; Six bandages that are triangle in shape, it should also contain disposable Medical Gloves, Scissors, twenty assorted Plasters, an Ice Pack, Anti-septic Wipes, it should also contain six Safety Pins and two Eye Pads, a pair of Tweezers and finally two extra large, Large and Medium Dressings.

Other aids that would also be useful in your kit in an emergency would be a First Aid Manual, Strip Thermometer, one small bottle of Antiseptic Solution, one small pack Cotton Wool, Cotton buds, Pack of Wound Closure Strips, one Savlon Dry spray, two Triangular Bandages, one 7.5cm Crepe Bandage, two 7.5cm Conforming Gauze Bandages (K Band), six 10cm2 Non adherent Sterile Dressings (melolin), six 5cm2 Non adherent Sterile Dressings (melolin), one 1m Elastoplast fabric strip, one x 2.5cm Micropore tape, one x 2.5cm Zinc Oxide tape.

Employers are Responsible for reporting to the appropriate authority, usually the local enforcement officer of the Health and Safety Executive, must be notified in writing of any serious accident in connection with the workplace (which includes any resulting in more than three days absence from work), dangerous occurrences and specified occupational diseases (RIDDOR). One of the Legal documents that must be completed is the Incident Report. The Report asks for the following; Name ; Address, Date ; Time, Occupation, What Happened, Location of Event, Treatment Given, Signature of Person making entry, Nature of Injury, Date of Entry, they may also ask for witness accounts but this is not essential.

In Conclusion while writing this essay I have learned that although a first aider has many responsibilities in an emergency situation, what they do in these instances could be the difference between life or death and if I’m ever involved in one of these situation’s I would be most grateful to a first aider if they help me in my time of need.