Richard Cory

who wrote “Richard Cory”?
Edwin Arlington Robinson.

what could the message of the poem be?
do not judge a book by its cover.

what happens in the end of “Richard Cory”?
he takes his life with a bullet.

ho do the towns people look at Richard?
they look up to him with great jealousy.

who was the real life character that Richard was modeled after?
Edwin’s brother Herman for his good looks and his prosperous financial future.

what do many of Edwin’s stories have to do with?
an American dream gone awry, which come from his early troubles in life

what was the first stanza in this poem focused on?
the physical beauty of Richard.

what kind of people are heard describing Richard Cory?
poor towns people.

what imagery is used relating Richard to being king?
“Imperially slim” “He was rich, yes, richer than a king”

how does this story express irony?
how someone who looks wonderful and everybody thinks is wonderful, might be just the opposite