Risk media is a good tool for requirement

Risk study:  Requirement engineering
through social media

Sana Naz

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Social media has changed the way
people collaborate and share information. In this paper, we highlight its
impacts for enabling new ways for software teams to form and work together.
Social media has the potential to significantly influence and support requirement
engineering (RE) activities. Social network-based RE approach will allow us to
overcome limitations of traditional approaches and allow end users to play a
more prominent role in RE. The involvement of stakeholders such as future
system end user is a key success factor for software engineering (SE) in
general and for RE in specific. Social media make easier conversation with the
users. The use of social media for this purpose also involves some risks. In
this paper we will discuss the risk factor in social media based RE.




The software engineers have given
increased attention to software engineering to build large and reliable
systems. For the betterment of software development process software engineers
make use of social media to both improve the communication and coordination in
software development teams and support the creation of new kinds of software
development communities.

Requirement engineering (RE)
plays an important role in software engineering (SE). The participation of user
is a key feat factor for software engineering in general and for requirement
engineering in specific 1.
Requirement gathering is the process of finding, capturing and combining
requirements from available requirement sources (e.g. Stakeholders). 2. The end user’s
feedback is a key factor in software development project 3. Due to importance
of RE in software development life cycle the software developers use of social
media for interacting with user throughout the process. Traditional gathering
techniques fail to take the advantage of rich feedback from the end user
through social media. Today many end users are aware of social media (e.g. Facebook,
twitter, Skype). Social media is a good tool for requirement gathering but also
involves some risks in relying on the information gathered through the social
media. The most used social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, Skype,
WhatsApp, Blogs, Microblogs, tagging sites which are being used in requirement
engineering today 4. The question now is
the risks involved in requirement engineering using social media and their

In this paper we present a survey
on social media that is currently used by software developer. We will study the
positive and negative impact of the use of social media. Furthermore, risks
involved in requirement engineering using the social media will be discussed.
The quantitative research methodology will be used to find the results. Data
was collected through a survey interviews conducted among different software
engineering teams. Results show that these engineering teams still face
problems in requirement engineering process. The goal of this research is to
find the risks of social media and impacts of these risks in requirement

In section 2 I present the
related work and research, 3rd section is dedicated to explain the
research methodology. After that I will present the result in following 3
sections. A conclusion based on my finding is presented after the results