Romantic Poetry Powerpoint

William Wordsworth quote
“poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling”

first literature piece of the Romantic time period
“Lyrical Ballads” by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge

When did the Romantic time period start and why?
Began in 1789 with the French Revolution, the Revolution changed the way people thought, especially about the devine right of Kings

First Generation of Romantic poets
William Blake, William Wordsworth, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Second Generation of Romantic poets
Percy Shelby, John Keats, Lord Byron

What brought about the romantic poets hate for industry and love of nature in England?
Working class grew and moved into cities to work in industry, cities became overcrowded and life was awful. The simple farmer became rare

What Revolution changed the world? and why?
1776 American Revolution. Because it made England loose their prestige as the most powerful nation in Europe. It inspired an age of revolution.

What event made England scared of unrest with the peasants?
The French people revolting against their king and aristocracy )French Revolution)

What Frenchman was a hero in the Revolution who morphed into a ruthless emperor?
Napoleon Boneaparte

What battle in 1825 did England defeat the French after the war beginning in 1803?
The Battle of Waterloo

what is Laissez Faire and why was it important?
Means “let people do as they will”, an economic policy of non-interference by the government. Effected what the romantic writers idealized.

Key words of Romanticism
Emotion, Imagination, Intuition, Freedom, Personal experience, Beauty of Nature, Primitive, Exotic, Grotesque.

what attitude does romanticism take toward poetry?
a democratic attitude, it needed to be accessible to everybody and to relate emotions common to all

What is Romanticism about?
About poetry being emotional, easy to understand and relate too. It should focus on rural life and beauty of the majesty of nature. a poet should have a strong sense of the mysterious forces of nature and how it relates to the human mind. These senses should be able to create new realities in the mind and in poetry.

What should a Poet be?
“endowed with more lively sensibility, more enthusiasm and tenderness.. a greater knowledge of human nature, and more comprehensive soul, than are [thought] to be common among mankind” – Wordsworth

Mad, bad, and dangerous to know
Byronic Heroes

Gothic literature
Literature that focuses on the eerie and the supernatural

William Blake
classified as pre-romantic. He is a poet and an artist. Very into opposites (Yin and Yang).

William Wordsworth
lived to an old age. Born and raised in the Lake district building his love of Nature. Originally thrilled with the French Revolution and had a history of heartbreak.