Romanticism Poetry Review

Tone of the poem “When we two parted”
The tone is somber, sad and very isolated. This poems deals with emotions (love).

What is an apostrophe? (in a figure of speech)
An apostrophe is basically talking to an inaminate object like it could respond back.

“Ode to the west wind”is about ?
Admiratrion. The poet admires the wind and feels it is powerful and strong. Thw wind is so powerful and inspiring.

What happens to the knight in “La Belle Dame Sans Merci?”
The knight is trapped, within his emotins.

The knight is like in a trance or dream-liks state. He is trapped in a dream.

“Ode to Melanchology” what apposities are paired?
Joy and sadness. A recognition of the link between joy and sorrow. This gives people a greater chance of living a rich and full life.

In “Darkness” what is the role of nature?
The role of nature in the poem is destruction, overpowering nature.

Focus on the mood/feelings
All the poems deal with the mood (deepness) and the feelings (imagination) and how each poet is desciptive.

Romantic Review
Nature is a source of comfort and shelter from the troubles of life.Nature teaches the truths about life, offers models of behavior and inspires artists.It is a place of beauty that rewards those who take time to observe it closely.

Romantic Beliefs
Writing should appeal to all people, not just to the upper class. Especially poetry, could bring about social improvement.

Writers should capture emotions and sensations of their experiences.

Romantic ideas
Each individual, regardless of class, age, or gender, has worth. Human imaginatoin is a more powerful tool than strict reason for understanding the world, fostering relationships among humans and between humans and nature, and theorizing at what might lie beyond the material world.

Children have a special uncorrupted understanding of the natural world. Nature is a great teacher, inspirer of art, and comforter of humans.