rotected declarations and covenants for the human rights,

rotected by the ‘Universal Declaration
of Human Rights-1948’.i
The assertion emphasizes on ‘innate freedom and equality, puts a ban on discrimination
and states that, everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of
person.” Unfortunately, in spite of all these guarantees, agreements, declarations
and covenants for the human rights, the people of Kashmir are being disgraced
and humiliated as there is no law  to
protect them and offer them their basic rights.

Kashmir’s different strategic
location and strategic importance for India and Pakistan made both countries to
not compromise their stand over Kashmir. They perceive Kashmir as a guarantee to
their securities and this security perspective has bound both states to design
and adopt conflicting policies and build a stronger and equipped military since
independence. Consequently, this approach has led these states towards three
wars (1948, 1965 and 1971) and still uncertainty is big obstacle in peaceful

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Kashmir dispute has been disturbing the
regional and world peace for seven decades, and can be

Study from different angles but
following three are considered as the most important:

A bilateral
issue between Pakistan and India
From a geopolitical
perspective and threat to regional and international peace and security
issue is analyzed from humanitarian perspective although this angle is
being ignored but massive human rights violation like repression, torture
and unconstitutional killings caused unrest among the people of Kashmir
and in last two decades these violations have reached on unprecedented

Internationally, After Simla agreement
1972, Kashmir is considered as Pakistan and India’s bilateral issue and human
right violations and abuses have not received due attention but it should be
clear for the world that the longer they continue to ignore these violations
the impact is going to be the worst not only for the kashmiris or South Asia
but also for the whole world.  


International community

international community’s concern and involvement in Kashmir is full of disappointment
and failure because the negative attitude of India towards the internationalizing
of the issue. India first took Kashmir issue to United Nations in January 1948,
but after a few weeks after number of events in the valley pushed the applicant
to adopt altogether a different approach and in consequently after seventy
years later Kashmir dispute is still with us and threatening for peace of the
whole world.

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