Rumi Sufi Poetry Final

Terms for poor man–

Used by British to describe the dervishes, -means wandering rogues

Early Europeans tried to
Separate sufism from Islam, but sufism is the mythical version of Islam

Etymology of Sufism
Comes from the word Suf, wool that sufis would wear

Islamic law, outward form of relation between inner and outer

Sufi internal path, when Sufi puts Suf on, 1st step towards asceticism, individual path

God is the reality, union with god through love

Two Kinds of Knowledge-BK-GK–Ir–Ar
-Book Knowledge-Gnosis knowledge, mysticism–Irfan is the religious term for Gnosis knowledge–One who practices spiritual knowledge, arif

Traditional religious knowledge

Old man who is advanced on the spiritual path-Pir

Murshid-His disciple
Sufi leader, advanced on the path of spiritual awareness-Murid

Three Types of Human Souls-Most humans-Those of-Suited to exchange
-Most humans can’t reach their soul, use senses to understand life, not spirituality-Through thinking meets spiritual intellectuality, those of divine knowledge-Suited to exchange humanity for angelcality, reserved only for the prophets

Islam means
Submission, to God

Five Pillars of Islam1)S, Profession of2)P3)F4)Al5)P, H
1) “Shahada”, profession of faith: There is no god but God, Mohammed is messenger2) Prayer, call to prayer, ritual cleansing when you pray3) Fasting, done during Ramadan4) Almsgiving, sometimes a prescribed % of income5) Pilgrimage, Hajj, if you can

Sufis’ version of Pillars of Islam1) Agree with2) Fasting for Sufi3) Almsgiving for Sufi4) Prayer for Sufi5) Pilgrimage for Sufis
1) Agree with Shahada, don’t change that2) Fasting for Sufi is call to asceticism, cut off body from anything not essential3) Almsgiving for Sufi is sense of empathy with others, extremely generous4) Prayer for Sufis is sense of meditation, prayer that draws the soul closer to God, Quranic passages5)Pilgrimage is an internal journey to divine, also do Hajj if can

Dhikr-SP-Type of
-Supererogatory prayer, even more prayer than usual-Type of meditation

Poverty to the sufi
Is spiritual

Dance and chanting with music, a particular dance that lulls one into a trance

Green prophet, immortal prophet, Moses wants his advice

Khizr stories w Moses-Boat-Kid-Wall
-Breaks boat because king was going to come and take all good boats, but broke it so he wouldn’t take it and the fam could use it later-Killed kid because the kid was going to grow up to be a bad dude-Fixed wall because knew two poor boys were going to inherit the gold underneath, didn’t want people to find it if wall was broken

God’s name are divided into ___ categories-B-M
1) Beauty; Jamal, god’s compassion 2) Majesty; Jalal, god’s power/will2 categories

Stages of the sufi path1) Call to2) Fear of3) Day of Judgement4) L
1) Call to asceticism, lightens load of physical self to go on a spiritual journey2) Fear of the day of judgement3) Longing, once you’ve progressed spiritually, long for day of Judgement, final progression of soul4) Love, union with God

-Each stage of sufi path called:-Condition of the soul in each stage

Sufi Path can be
Any number of steps, it’s personal and individual

The Blind Man and the Elephant Story-City of –Alludes to fact that
-City of blind people want to understand elephant, each touching a diff part, got a diff understanding of it–Basically alludes to the fact that people only see a small portion of the full picture

Ghazal 129-Eblis–Love
-Eblis narrates it, didnt kneel to Adam only to God, sent to eternal damnation for love for God–Moral is love is incredibly painful

Conference of the Birds:Nightingale-Can’t be separated-Love is
-Can’t be separated from beloved, rose-Hoopoe says love is fleeting, roses are temporary, God is eternal

Thought he was like Khizr because he was green like him-Hoopoe said, don’t think youre the prophet just because you’re green, one wants bodily freedom, spiritual freedom

Heart is like
A dark and rusty mirror, becomes polished by spiritual knowledge

Master-disciple relationship
Listen to master even if what he says/does doesn’t make sense

Hoopoe chosen because
Solomon lnows language of the birds, and Hoopoe was a messenger between solomon and the queen of sheeba

Hoopoe says to all the birds-Love is-Listen to-Put everything
-Love is stronger than everything-Listen to what your spiritual leader tells you-Put everything into your heart not head

Shiek of San’an-Intellectual-Had to get rid-Guide
-Intellectual, but being intellectual is in your mind not your heart-Had to get rid of baggage in form of ego and intellectual beliefs, does so by falling in love w christian girl who asks him to give it up-Relates to Hoopoe’s message, he does what the Christian Girl tells him to do, follow guide blindly

What did christian girl ask Shiek to do?-quarn-Red and white-Worship-Faith–Relates to Hoopoe’s answer…
-Burn the quran-Drink wine-Worship idols-Abandon faith–Relates to Hoopoe’s answer, do what master says, esoteric knowledge comes from uncommon places

Valleys in Conference of the Birds:-VoQ-VoL-VoIiM-VoD-VoU-VoB-VoPaN
-Valley of the Quest-Valley of Love-Valley of Insight into Mystery-Valley of Detachment-Valley of unity-Valley of Bewilderment-Valley of Poverty and Nothingness

Valley of the quest-Renounce-Call-Start of
-Renunciation of the body’s appetites-Call to asceticism-Internal journey, start of path

Valley of Love-Opens-Beginning-Rejects
-Opens up faculty of love and devotion for God-Beginning of realization intellect isn’t enough, love is needed-Rejects those who don’t love in a spiritual way

Valley of Insight into Mystery-Spiritual-Soul is-Possible only-Very ____ path
-Spiritual knowledge-Soul is seeking spiritual knowledge-Possible only through love-Very individual path, can love God in whichever way you prefer

Valley of Detachment-Move beyond-Nothing so-Individual is-Universe is
-Move beyond the illusions of self, get rid of ego-Nothing so real as God-Individual is insignificant in grand scheme of things-Universe is microcosm, soul is macrocosm, soul is most important thing

Valley of Unity-Rebirth-see God in-Once stripped
-Rebirth of the soul-see God in everything and everything as God-Once stripped of external attributes, the soul is a part of God

Valley of Bewilderment-Love has-Not using-Trying to
-Love has completely replaced knowledge-Not using mind to understand things, makes it confusing-Trying to understand the love you feel for God, but can’t explain through intellect

Valley of Poverty and Nothingness-Realization-Poverty being-Going through v-Complete….of self
-Realization of God-Poverty being spiritual poverty before God-Going through valleys has completely emptied your vessel, ready to be filled by God-Complete annihilation of self, become a part of God

Reed flute metaphor-Reed initially-Then cut-9 holes for-Breath of l when
-Reed is initially in the mud, a space where the soul is united with the divine-Then is cut from the reed bed, birth, joins material world-9 holes in flute for 9 holes of the body-Breath of life when someone blows into it, only makes noise when someone blows into it

Goal of the mystic
Union with God

Hoopoe’s key points for journey-guide-move beyond-Pilgrim
-Adhere to whatever guide tells you-Move beyond faith and blasphemy and reach love-Become a true pilgrim on the path lose baggage

Heart is ____ until spirituality ____ it
Raw, cooks

How a Hare killed a tyrannical lion-Argument-Prophet-Tricks
-Argument between exerting oneself and being faithful-Rabbit represents prophet, speaks to community, animals call him arrogant, but internal essence is of importance-tricks lion, who has too much pride, jumps into well

Azrael and man anecdote–Fate
Man stared at by Azrael, goes to Solomon’s, flees to India, Solomon asks Azrael why he scared him, and he said he looked at him because was wondering how he would die in india tomorrow–FATE CANT BE AVOIDED

Fly in urine
Thinks he’s in the ocean even though on straw, don’t see the whole picture

Where does fate lie after this story?
Lies somewhere in the middle, can’t do nothing, but can’t push out fate, God does determine destiny somewhat

Bedouin and his Wife Anecdote-Argument–We carry ma
-Argument, wife wants wealth for them, bedouin acts like Sufi, but brags about his poverty, not truly spiritual, concedes to wife, goes to king w jug, his chamberlains give him attention, they fill jug with gold, soul gets filled, becomes spiritually wealthy–We carry material wants like the Bedouin but are ultimately part of the spiritual whole

Lion, Wolf, and Fox-Ego
-The name I has to be obliterated to advance on the Sufi path, get rid of ego entirely, how they divided food represents taht

Three days of existence to Sufis1) pre-2) life3) After
1) Pre-creation, as the soul waits to be animated2) Life on this Earth3) Afterlife

Jesus’ companions’ foolish request-Companion asks–Beware
-Companion asks jesus to teach him how to bring people back to life, Jesus says it’s beyond him–Beware of false friends/false promises

Moses and Shepherd
-Shepherd praying the way he does, making him like a person, Moses says this is wrong, God gets mad at Moses, says to go get Shepherd because his heart is in the right place