Rumor for its fecund “black land”. Even on

Rumor in the Snow

“Dashing through the snow…,” the voice of the child choir flies to the only entrance of the village from a distance. This is the second time snowing this year. Overnight, the heavy snow has made the Rumor Village a lovely silver–coated world. The village is small, isolated and undeveloped, but it is famous for its fecund “black land”. Even on such a snowy day, the black of the soil under the white snow could still be seen. With a gust of wind blew, the snow on the roof falls and composes a beautiful scenery. Pieces of snow land on an old man’ shoulder, who has been sitting here for about half an hour.

Tom is an aged man, and just like other villagers, he has been living in this isolated tiny town for a lifetime. His life is a mediocrity, but his only pride is that he raised a talented son that works for a big company. As the only youth who works out of the village, old George had become the “celebrity” of the village deservedly. At the expense of that, he could only go back to the village and visit his father and wife only during the Christmas holiday. Because of the undeveloped telecom in the village, George would write home a month before the Christmas so that his father and wife could prepare for his coming home.

This year is a little bit unusual, it is only one week before the holiday, but old Tom doesn’t receive the letter from his son. At first, Tom and his daughter-in-law just thought George might be too busy and forgot the letter. However when the Christmas comes, George did not come back still.

In such a small village, the news always travels fast. The next day, all the villagers know that George has not come back home for the holiday. And soon, some conjectures about George comes out from the women in the village.

“In my opinion, George must not be a duteous son at all! All his behaviors before are probably all faked. If he is really an obedient person, he won’t left his aged father and wife alone.”

“I don’t think so. He must be devoted to riotous extravagances in the city. Sam in the neighboring village has the same situation as him.”

“You are all wrong. Only those young and beautiful girls could attract the men. He must have an extra-marital affair since he became rich.”

George’s wife used to trust her husband so much, but the rumor in the village seems so real that she starts to doubt if her husband truly loves her. She starts to cry every day and thinks of divorcement. Only old Tom still keeps saying,

“He is not a man of that sort. George will come back!”

Old Tom starts wait for his son’s return every day at the entrance of the village. Bearing the heavy wind and snow, he still trusts his son will be back eventually.

Sitting in the snow, old Tom saw a familiar figure is approaching. It is George, he is back! In fact, he worked overtime in holidays in order to get more wages, and when he drove back to the Rumor Village, the snow that took places a few days ago blocked the only roadway to the town. He has to wait until the road is clear, therefore he comes home late.

In such a small village, the news always travels fast. Soon, the news of George coming back is spread over the village.

The women start to say, “George is really a hard-working man.”

The wife says, “This is my husband, and I trust him.”

The old Tom says, “As I said, George will come back.”