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Running Head: Technology can extend life 1Technology can extend lifeMatthew YangHerzing universityTechnology can extend life 2AbstractThrough the work of technology, life can be extended. With the help of modern medicine, extending of life is heighten. As time goes by people have learned to develop different technology to reverse the time of death. Death slowly becomes a set time in a world where anything is possible.Technology can extend life 3IntroductionCan people possibly live forever? Many people live shorter lives while others live longer, but no one has been around for more than 125 years. Jeanne Louise Calment is known as the person who has live the longest life of 122 years. That being said, people cannot live forever but can extend their lifespan through the use of advance technology and modern medicine. According to an article by Rafi Letzter, “advances in medical technology, disease eradication, and improved living conditions made it far more common and normal for people to live into old age. In 1900, global life expectancy was 31. In 1950 it was 48. In 2010 it was 70″ (Letzter, 2016).Defining technologyTechnology cannot make you live forever. Many people have tried to use technology in a way to make people live longer but to no avail there hasn’t been any success. Scientists believe that there’s a limit on how many years a person could live. According to Ray Kurzweil, ” by 2045, an event known as ‘the singularity’ will occur, and humans will become one with machines. Flesh and blood aren’t ideal material for longevity, so we’ll turn to materials that are a bit more durable. Other futurists envision a world in which a computer serves as backup for our brain and silicone part will take the place of frail limbs” (Molly Edmonds, 2010). The cells in our bodies cannot last for a life time and will expire sooner or later. They’re certain diseases that relates to aging like heart diseases or dementia. No matter times it is tested your body starts to were out. Once our cells have reached its expiration date, there’s not much left we can do.Technology can extend life 4LifestyleThere isn’t just one absolute way to extend life, there are many ideas behind it. Many people believe that one’s lifestyle determines how long someone may live for. If you live an unhealthy life, your life will eventually be cut short compared to if it was a healthy life. The way you live, the food you eat, the habits you have, even your everyday activities is what really winds up how long you will be able to live. This plan advocates healthy eating, exercising, avoiding stress, and taking nutritional supplements. ( Kurzwell & Grossman, 2004 ). Doctors have research ways to extend one’s life by changing people’s unhealthy habits such as smoking cigarettes: “US Surgeon General Luther Terry published a report finding that cigarettes – the 20th Century’s blockbuster luxury good – cause cancer. The following five decades saw an unprecedented public policy and awareness effort to curb smoking. Eight million lives saved from premature death over 50 years, while 20 million people still died early as a result of tobacco”. (Letzter, 2016). Clearing your path of tobacco is one way to live longer. Smokers along with many other people are at a risk everyday because of consuming a massive amount of unhealthy food. Researchers shown that: “sweet crystal is by far the most dangerous elements of the average American diet, ravaging bodies, inducing diabetes and shortening lifespan…People who cut sugar out of their lives tend to dramatically outlive those who consume it regularly” (Letzter, 2016).TechnologyTechnology cannot make people immortal, however, technology can increase people’s lifespan. Technology is used in many different ways to prevent diseases or to catch and cure diseases earlier to prolong lives. There are many researches and doctors who strive to find waysTechnology can extend life 5to prevent diseases and increase life span although it is only up to a certain point, “Scientists do believe that there is a maximum cap on how long human bodies can function, research suggests that this significant previous jump is due to medical technologies and social innovations, rather than an evolutionary change. If we can hack the ageing process of cells, and reverse it, we could potentially live indefinitely” ( Murgia, 2016 ). Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan worked on many projects to help people live longer, healthier, safer, lives. One project in particular they had in mind is active bloodstream monitoring. The way it works is, a patch or implant is used, in which it conducts automatic and regular blood tests throughout the course of a person’s life to monitor and detect infections or diseases in the early stage before it is too late to treat. CRISPR, is another technique that researchers are fond of. It is line-editing genomes to potentially cure genetic defects, eradicate diseases, and even end the organ transplant shortage. There are many test going about and sooner or later there will be a cure.MedicineAlong with technology, modern medicine can extend the life of the ill. “Most doctors and policy experts agree that this is the sector of medicine with the most potential to save and extend lives. But it can be hard to get funding; a terminal patient in need of a new drug is a much more tangible motivator than five hundred everyday people who don’t get sick in the first place and have no idea they were ever in danger” (Letzter, 2016). There are people who turn to modern medicine to cure themselves and perhaps live a longer life. According to researchers, “Several drugs have had a dramatic… For instance, an organ transplant drug called rapamycin managed to extend mice’s lifespan by 25pc and protected against cancers, and the red wine molecule reservatrol debatably impacts cell metabolism” (Murgia, 2016). With drugs such as the rapamycin drug, people are possibly able to live a longer life.Technology can extend life 6ConclusionIn all, this idea of immortality cannot be done. What is possible and can be done is the increasing of one’s life span through the use of modern medicine and technology. “In the latter area, researchers are testing everything from hormones and drugs that reverse cellular death, to the rather macabre vampire approach – transferring blood from the young to the old” (Murgia, 2016). Everyday researchers and doctors are looking for new and different ways to achieve what the people want: to live a longer life and perhaps become immortal and live forever. With the increase of life expectancy in the last few decades, it might be getting us closer to our goals. So while waiting for that to happen, take care of yourself so you can live longer to see it happen.Technology can extend life 7ReferencesEdmonds, M. (2010, May 05). Can humans live forever? 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