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The First Landing on the Moon


The first landing on the moon is for sure a significant event for
humanity and “a giant leap for mankind”. It all started on May 25, 1961 when American
president John Kennedy stated this –He set a goal for the United States to land
a person on the moon and return him safely to Earth. It was very important to
accomplish the mission precisely in that time because of the space race. The
space race was the competition between USSR and the US, it was more like a
technological race where both sided wanted to show how powerful and strong they


The first major event of the space race was when USSR sent a man in
space – the FIRST man in space to orbit Earth. It happened on April 12, 1961.

Uriy Gagarin was the first man in space, and he was 27 years old. He orbited
Earth onboard Vostok 1 in only 89
minutes. As you can understand, it was a major blow to the United States and
now they were far behind the Soviet Union in the space race, although its first
space flight was scheduled for May, 1961. Therefore, the Americans needed
something to answer and impress the whole world. Its first try was the launch
of Friendship 7 and John Glenn
onboard. On that mission Friendship 7 successfully
orbited the Earth 3 times – but that wasn’t even close to match the achievement
of Uriy Gagarin. So that’s when NASA started working on the mission of the
landing on moon.


In my opinion, neither America or the Soviet Union has won the “space
race”. I think that way because both nations did amazing discoveries and
contributed many learnings about the space exploration. Probably the two most
significant events in space exploration for both nations were – the first man
in space for USSR, and the first men on the moon – for the US. You really can’t
compare these two achievements because both were accomplished in different time
periods and both did something for the first time. The Soviet Union won the
first step because they sent the first man in space – Uriy Gagarin and that way
became famous and showed that their technology is powerful. On the other hand,
America responded in a strong way by putting men not only in space – but putting
them on the moon for the first time. Which means that both sides showed their


8 years later, NASA are preparing to achieve John Kennedy’s challenge to
put a man on the moon and bring him safely back to Earth. Its for sure a hard
task to do, and NASA scientists should be very smart and very creative to do
it. So, to accomplish this mission they needed advanced technological modules.

Command Module Columbia – was the mini-ship where the astronauts spent
their time while traveling to Moon. Its height was 3.2 meters (10 feet, 7
inches), its weight was 5,900 kg. (13,00 pounds), and its maximum diameter was
3.9 meters (12 feet, 7 inches). The company that made this module for NASA was
– North American Rockwell.











As you can see the Apollo command ship had many control systems and
additional equipment onboard. That’s what made that module weigh 5,900 kg.

other than the material that it was made out of.