sadness. big status in nirvanas set list as

sadness. Kurt had horrific mental health issues and he never got the help he needed, this possibly leads to the build-up of rehab and drug addiction and ultimately death.

This is why he supported millions by being a support line for all of them and helping them overcome their issues. There are many opinions on nirvana, all my field research I did was ask my friends and group pages on Facebook what they thought, the reviews where mixed, I played a few songs to each person I spoke to (territorial pissings, lithuim, smells like teen spirit, and come as you are) all the songs have pretty big status in nirvanas set list as some of the most famous songs the’ve released, people don’t know a lot of nirvana songs most people know two or three and then fans of nirvana fans may know anywhere between 5 and all of the there tracks. A lot of teenagers iv spoken to can relate to the music when reading the lyrics, I think people find Kurt’s style of vocals quite hard to understand, but I found when people, where handed a sheet with the songs printed out it, made sense. A lot of people dislike nirvana sound because it’s angry and shouty and very heavy compared to the punk that was being released at the time. The reasons as stated throughout my essay entails that nirvana is a truly classic album as even now it effects people, nirvana is and always will be a huge influence on the world as people always remember them.

Just like people will always remember queen and AC/DC, now they have a permanent feature in the hall of fame and they will stay there forever, unfortunately, Kurtis death caused more fame for the music that the music its self but that’s how music works. Nirvana always have and always will speak to people because of what they wrote about, they had a big impact on the music scene and they’ve left a massive dent for other bands to experiment influencing bands like limpbizkit and other pop punk bands all over the world. My primary reasons for believing this is that even now 20 years after the bands end the Rolling Stones magazine is writing about them, as is vogue, the guardian, the telegraph, NME and many other magazines and writers. And people are still listening to there music, with 625,652,341 views on YouTube and 2 million subscribers people are