;Sarah Cynthia; (7th gr)

repetition of initial consonant sounds in a line of poetry

a gross exaggeration

reference to a well known person, place or thing in a literary work

the writer’s attitude towards his subject

Sarah Cynthia Sylvia StoutGlobs of gooey bubble gumBlack burned buttered toastprune pitspeach pitsorange peel
example of alliteration

it touched the skyrolled down the hall garbage reached across the stateit raised the roof
example of hyperbole

Golden Gate BridgeNew york cityCream of Wheat
example of allusion

funny, humorous, silly
author’s tone

see study guide ex Stout Stout aout apans bhams bshout aout a
Be able to apply rhyme scheme to the beginning of the poem.

peas, cheese/ late, state/ out, shout/ door, floor
examples of end rhyme

pans, hams/ crumbs, gum/ toast, roasts
examples of half rhyme

line 4 yams/hamsline 18 beans/tangerines26 rubbery/blubbery
ex. of middle of the line rhyme ( internal rhyme)

they are old, rancid and spoiled
What does the speaker of the poem mean by moldy melons?

exaggerated, funny and silly
How would you describe the events in this poem?

spoiled, molded
How would you describe the garbage in the poem?

They moved away
What do Sarah’s neighbors eventually do as a result of the garbage?

when it is too late
When does Sarah finally agree to take the garbage out?

do your chores
What is the basic message from the poet?