Sarah thirties, Leading ManAltoNoneJaneOrphan, niece of Barnaby and

Sarah HelbringerMusical Theatre Foundations 2018Musical Analysis – 1900-1920Babes in Toyland1. Creatives (Composer, Librettist, Book, Director, Choreographer, etc.)Composer: Victor HerbertLyricist: Glen MacDonoughLibrettist: Glen MacDonoughBook: Glen MacDonoughChoreographer:2.  Show Type/Premiere Date:Babes in Toyland is an operetta. In June 1903, it premiered at the Chicago Grand Opera house. 3.  List of Characters/Type/Voice Part:Character NameDescriptionAge/TypeVOICE PART/ Range/ Other RequirementsDance RequirementsAlanOrphan, nephew of Barnaby and brother of Jane, falls in love with Contrary MaryLate teens to early thirties, Leading ManAltoNoneJaneOrphan, niece of Barnaby and sister of AlanLate teens to early thirties, Leading Woman SopranoNoneUncle BarnabyUncle of Alan and Jane, a rich miser, wants the inheritance, in love with Contrary MaryAdult, CharacterSpoken OnlyNoneThe Widow PiperMother and widow of 14 children, very lonelyOlder Woman, SupportingSpoken OnlyNoneTom TomThe oldest son of The Widow PiperLate teens to early thirties, supportingBaritoneNoneContrary MaryThe oldest daughter of The Widow Piper, love interest of AlanLate teens to early thirties, IngénueSopranoNoneToymakerThe maid in the Piper householdOlder Man, Character/ VillainBaritoneNone4.  MusicTITLESUNG BYDescription of Song: Why should someone sing this?BALLAD-UPTEMPOSong Type?Who should sing this?  You/Classmate?  Why?Don’t Cry, Bo-Peep (Never Mind, Bo-Peep, We Will Find Your Sheep) Bo-Peep, Tom-Tom and Widow Piper’s ChildrenCrying because her sheep are lost. Good harmonies with beautiful solo line.UptempoAlysia Vastardis- would sound great for one of her more legit and classical songs. I think she is good for the character aspect of it as well.FlorettaAlan and ChorusImpersonating a fortune teller, Alan is telling the Widow Piper that Mary should marry a man named AlanUptempoRafael Figueroa- very classical sounding song, good range for Rafi’s voiceMary MaryChorusBarney O’FlynnContrary Mary and ChorusTalking about how she is romantically interested in AlanBalladAshlyn Prieto/ Sarah Helbringer- Legit soprano solo line, nice lyrics telling a storyI Can’t Do the SumJane and Widow Piper’s ChildrenJane is helping the Widow Piper’s children with her schoolworkUptempoCaroline Travers- nice in her rangeGo to Sleep, Slumber DeepAlan, Jane, and the Wood SpiritsAlan and Jane are lost in the Spider’s forest. Before they go to sleep, they rescue a moth.BalladJane: Ashlyn Prieto/Sarah Helbringer- high, legit melody, good for coloratura sopranosAlan: Callum Mein- great for his range, similar sounding voice to original recording.Birth of The ButterflyOrchestraChristmas Fair Waltz: Hail to ChristmasChorusChristmastimeIn Toyland and everyone celebrating.UptempoThe Legend of the Castle Gertrude and ChorusGertrude, a peasant, sings about life in the castle.BalladAshlyn Prieto/ Sarah Helbringer- Another coloratura song.Song of the PoetAlan and ChorusAlan and Jane arrive in Toyland and Alan charms the locals.UptempoJackson Walker- written for a charming tenor.March of the ToysOrchestraAlan and Jane are impersonating some of the broken soldiers.Military BallOrchestraIn the Toymaker’s WorkshopMale ChorusToys being made.UptempoToylandTom-Tom and Male ChorusTom-Tom arrives at the Toymaker’s workshop.BalladTim Richardson- Written for a tenor on the lower side. I think it would sound great in his voice.Finale Act II Master Toymaker, Alan, Uncle Barnaby and EnsembleThe toys have risen up and attacked. Alan is arrested for murder.UptempoBefore and AfterAlan and Contrary MaryAlan and Mary are talking about what their life will be like when married.UptempoMary: Erin Hyatt- great for one of her legit choices. I could see her in this character.Alan: Jackson Walker/ Callum Mein- good for a tenor, charming and young.He Won’t Be Happy Till He Gets ItJane and ChorusJane is mocking Gonzorgo and making fun of him playfully.UptempoCaroline Bachman- I think this is a nice song for a mezzo who can also do legit well.FinaleAllBarnaby accidentally drinks the poison intended for Alan and dies immediately. Mary now a widow, agrees to marry Alan.Uptempo5.  Climactic Plot Structure:Primary Character: AlanStasisAlan and Jane under the care of their Uncle Barnaby.ExpositionOpens outside Barnaby’s house where Uncle Barnaby gives Roderigo and Gonzorgo instructions to get shipwrecked and lost at sea with his niece and nephew Jane and Alan.Inciting IncidentGypsies discover Jane and Alan and save them.Rising ActionMary, who loves Alan, thinks he is dead and runs away with brother Tom-Tom so she does not have to marry BarnabyMary and Alan end their relationshipBarnaby finds out that Alan and Jane are still aliveAlan and Jane get lost in Spider’s ForestAlan and Jane arrive in Toyland and impersonate broken soldiersAlan and Mary reconcile their relationshipCrisisBarnaby attempts to cast a spell to make the underworld inhabit his toys and attack.ClimaxThe spell works and leads to the toy soldiers fatally attacking the Toymaker. Alan is arrested.DenouementBarnaby drinks poisonous wine that was intended for Alan and dies immediately.Resolution/ConclusionMary, now a widow, can marry Alan, who is freed at the same time.  New StasisCouples and ensemble sing the “Finale” and all are happy and at peace.6.  Works Cited (in MLA format)”Babes In Toyland.” Tams Witmark, Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.,”Babes in Toyland – Operetta – Complete John McGlinn Recording – Victor Herbert.” YouTube, YouTube, 31 July 2017,”Babes in Toyland (Operetta).” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 19 Jan. 2018,”Babes in Toyland (Operetta) Plot & Characters.” Edited by Laura Ware, StageAgent,