Science rolling balls across the floor, and shooting

Science is a very important subject. Here at Roosevelt Middle School, our science classes are not very informative. This year, we have not learned much more than how to wash our hands. Also, none of the students like science class, because most of the lessons consist of doing readings on ipads. Plus, my science class is really easy, and consists of no real challenges. A good science curriculum should be hands on, informative, and challenging. A lot of our science classes consist mostly of us writing in Iqwst.When we do labs, they are not very hands on.  4j said, “The new curriculum will better help teachers teach and students learn science in a hands-on way.” I don’t understand how they could think this  curriculum was hands-on. We’ve boiled water at least four times. Stella Schulte, another student at Roosevelt Middle School, says, “My science class mostly consists of rolling balls across the  floor, and shooting rubber bands off of rulers to measure how far they will go.” I agree with Stella. Our science curriculum could have so many more labs. In elementary school, we went on field trips, raised salmon, and a lot more. So many more kids would like science if  we could do hand-son experiments, write theories and then test them, etcetera. If our science curriculum was more hands on, we would learn much more. As  I mentioned previously, we do not learn much with the current curriculum. If we had more hands on work we could learn more. Also, advanced courses should be provided for people who want and/or need them. I interviewed another student named Ruby. She said, “The only people of science that we’ve learned about are male. We haven’t learned about Marie Curie or Chien Shiung Wu. This isn’t fair to the scientific female world.” Ruby makes a good point. We need to be learning about female scientists. Iqwst doesn’t teach us much more than how to wash our hands, which I learned in first grade. Oregon’s science was ranked only average in the nation. We could be learning so much more. My science class is extremely easy. There is no challenge to it, which also makes it very boring. I feel like Iqwst is a good step towards the right direction, but it is the bare minimum. We should be doing research, learning interesting facts, doing projects and so on. there should also be regular assessments, so that the teachers know that we are learning. Most kids just sit and answer easy questions in our Iqwst textbooks or reading on our ipads mindlessly. Stella Schulte said, “Our science class is an easy A. All you have to do to ace the class is write in your book… In elementary school, we actually had to try to be able to get an A. No one is challenged by this class.” Usually, elementary school is supposed to be easier than middle school! In conclusion, 4j’s science curriculum needs to be changed. Iot needs to be