Scrooge has changed into a better respected man,

Scrooge is a man of change throughout the course of the story. Scrooge goes from a greedy, angry, old, selfish man with no one having any regard for him to a jolly old man who raises salaries, gives money, presents and can help save lives. When he was an old man with no one respecting him, such as his nephew when he passes and almost gives off a sense of relief, or a sense of he didn’t feel much remorse for the death of his uncle, or when his maid/house worker had stolen his clothes, bed curtains and bedsheets off of him. Then, where after he has changed into a better respected man, he would give money to the poor, go to dinner with his nephew and be an overall better person not just to other people, but to himself. In A Christmas Carol Ebenezer Scrooge shows many stages of change as the story progresses and the three spirits show him of his old, current and possible future ways. Scrooge, when the story started, was an selfish old man who only cared about two things. Himself, and money. Scrooge was invited by his nephew to go with his family for an christmas dinner but instead of kindly declining or accepting their offer, Scrooge had said to him, “I’d rather see myself dead then with your family!” Indicating that he cares more about his reputation or his self value then his only family in his life. When his nephew had said merry christmas as a way of celebrating the holidays, Scrooge replied with, “What reason have you to be merry? You’re poor enough.” This had shown that Scrooge didn’t care about the holidays but he had cared about how much he would spend during the holidays trying to get things together such as food and presets. And last but not least when two men had asked Scrooge to give money to people who would rather die than go to prisons, he was cold hearted telling the two men, “If they would rather die they had better go do it then and decrease the surplus population.” Scrooge had always been cold hearted and rude to almost everyone on christmas, but he starts to have an change of heart as the three spirits take him into different parts of his life so that he can see how his actions affect everyone.