Seal cultural and economic consequence, is very important

Seal hunting occurs in Canada for a long
period of time, but more recently it started to be more discussed and controversial
topic. In the article (Demand For Seal Products Has Fallen – So Why Do
Canadians Keep Hunting?) is the author analyzing a past, recent and also future
The seal industry was established in the 1500s and had a strong beginning, with
a high demand for seal products. After the seal products market has seriously
decreased, because of the arguments between the stakeholders and animal welfare
organizations.  Likewise the population
of the seal pups has dropped and people who want to protect seals started not
to like it and as a result the arguments between the animal organizations and seal
hunters became more heated Seal hunting is very controversial and unique issue
due to different points of view which are either right or wrong. There are
plenty of stakeholders that are involved in this issue, for example the
Canadian government that has unclear approach. Canadian government legitimizes
the seal hunting by saying that its cultural and economic consequence, is very
important for sellers that are living in provinces that are facing economic
problems such as Newfoundland and Labrador, which means that seal hunting
cannot be forbidden whatever complicates the issue. The solution for this issue
is really hard so it can satisfy both sides the stakeholders and animal welfare
organizations. Although the Canadian government has tried to solve this issue
by declining the number of seals killed. That only had effect on decreasing
seal market for Inuit communities and hunters that do not get usually enough
space in these conversations. A lot of Inuit communities are still dependent on
seal hunting for food and also for business as a source of money so they can
continue to hunt. I watched the documentary Angry Inuk, which is pointing to
Inuit communities that are affected by bans on seal products. In this article
was Inuit hunting mentioned very shortly. After watching and reading this
article I came to this conclusion.