Secure process which determines how the device is

Securedisposal of IoT equipment is a key aspect of a proactive approach to themanagement of all damaged, obsolete, or no longer required equipment, and partof actions to be taken at the end of an item’s operational life.  Disposal of an IoT or and IT equipment is a process which determines howthe device is going to be retired, discarded or simply destroyed, once it nolonger required.  1.  Purpose The purposeof this procedure is to ensure that IoT equipment which belongsto Company X, and is no longerrequired by a department is; ·        Removedfrom the asset register of CompanyX·        Nolonger incurring maintenance charges·        Securelywiped of all data from any internalmedia (hard disk drives, media cards,etc.

).·        Disposedof in a suitable manner (Ethical andenvironmentally friendly and underthe WEEE directive) 2.  Procedure If a department identifies any IoT equipment or devicesupporting IoT infrastructure as being surplus to their requirements,then action must be taken by an IT manager to organize secure disposal.  Arrangementswill need be made for thedevices to be taken off the asset register, support and maintenance contract.A member of the localsupport team or an administrator will contact the department to make arrangements for collection.

 Oncethe device is collected by the localsupport team, all the data and software must be wiped from the device. This is to ensurethat no sensitive data can be recovered from the storage. When all the data is securely removed from the storage, arrangementsshould be made forthe Company X approved disposalcompany to collect the equipment. This company will ensurethat all IoT equipment is recycled in line with the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive. However,where possible theequipment will be reutilized in otherareas of Company X. Due tosecurity reasons, IoT equipment must not be sold to employees and/or in the openmarket.