Sensitive to shutdown the main website of CIA.

 Sensitive Australian defense data were been hacked by an unknown stakeholder. The data included details about new fighter planes and navy Vessels. Australian defense minister stated that ” It could be one or a number of different actors. It could be state or a non-state actor.” Australian government is currently continuing investigation about this cyber attack. At this moment we should identify what is a cyber attack? ” A cyber attack is deliberate exploitation of Computer systems, technology dependent enterprises and networks. In other words it is someone exploiting highly sensitive data of a State or Cooperation.  The first technical cyber attack was happened in 1988 and it is known as the ‘Morris Worm’ the virus was formulated by a person call ‘Robert Tappan Morris’. In the modern era cyber attacks had become a major issue. Several attacks were reported in the recent past. Steeling data from I-cloud software recently created a controversy discussion in the society. Considering the political arena in 2011 a group of hackers were able to shutdown the main website of  CIA. The second largest stock exchange of America known as ‘NASDAQ’ was also been hacked recently. Considering the above situation political authorities world wide became more sensitive on cyber attacks. Because of this issue the concept of ‘Cyber Security’ came in to existence. Most of states were became more concern about their sensitive data such as security and ex. Because of that the authorities focused on creating more sophisticated technical data base. And also word leaders announced that the cyber attacks had become the next most significant treat to global security. They have also formulated conventions against cyber attacks such as ‘The convention against cyber crimes in 2001’ as well as  the European ‘Cyber Crime Center’ Established by European Union. Considering above facts an academic discipline emerged known as ‘Cyber Politics’ as a sub discipline of ‘Political Science’ . The department of  Politics and International Relations in  ‘Oxford university’ established a separate institution  known as ‘The Center for Cyber Studies’ to do academic activities on cyber issues related with political science.