Several of the Internet was lifted in 1991.

Several macro
environmental forces affected Xerox during the late 1990s.

changes – failed to adapt to the new technological changes. Customers actually
wanted more advanced ways of document sharing – to share things electronically
through networked computers and they did not want to than rely on hard copies
printed on paper. Xerox was focusing on refining the copying machines rather
than working on the digital documentation.

changes – The new generation born was completely influenced by technologies. The growth
of the Internet was continuing after the ban on commercial use of the Internet
was lifted in 1991. But Xerox failed to accommodate the digital needs of audience
which left Xerox a whole generation behind. It made Xerox’s stock price to drop
from 70$ to 5$ in just two years.


Environmental forces – The great recession was also a
misfortune. Overall contraction in the global economy during the great
recession troubled recuperation.

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