Shakespeare schematics were made in the early 1500’s

Shakespeare lived throughout the Elizabethan era. Many trades and techniques have changed from that era to modern time. However, the architecture of the Elizabethan era has roughly stayed the same over the years. For example, we still use plaster and wooden beams in the homes of today, combined with other modern elements to create unique homes in todays’ society. Another aspect of architecture that has stayed the same over the years is the design process. Blueprints and other schematics were made in the early 1500’s and are still being used today. A large part of architecture during this time period was used in the homes during the Elizabethan era. The walls were made of plaster and whitewash, which acted as a filler to go between wooden beams to create a hard surface to keep weather out. This style is known as half-timbering, which is when the homes are made of half wood and plaster according to ( The upper floors stuck out over the street. This technique allowed water to run off as a gutter works on the homes of today. All in all, architecture used in homes during this time period, Architecture of the Theaters and Stages The stages and theaters were constructed with wooden beams like the homes were. The theaters were designed specifically to enhance the sound quality for the audience. To accomplish this, most theaters were built as amphitheaters. The way amphitheaters were designed, made the noise echo better and so more people in the audience had a better view of the stage. There was still and open area left in front of the center of the stage for the lower class to stand and watch during the performances. Specific details of design used in the Elizabethan era. Wood was greatly appreciated and used in abundance in many buildings during this time period. Many railings were hand carved wood to present a much more elegant design. These buildings contained more symmetrical work than the new architecture of the Modern era. Large, gothic style windows were used to allow lighting inside homes.In conclusion, Shakespeare lived throughout a time where innovation was taking place and new buildings needed to be constructed. Such as the Globe Theater and Queen Elizabeth’s estate were built during this time. In which both these places have affected William Shakespeare in a significant way throughout his life.