Shakespearean Poetry Notes

repetition of sounds at the end of lines; nice/spice; fun/sun; waiter/later

How many syllables is a male rhyme?

How many syllables is a female rhyme?

slant rhyme
words that aren’t pure rhymes; the almost rhyme

Blank verse
lines (=verses) without rhyme; they are blank

a new past of a poem, where the rhyme pattern changes; often a new sentence begins too

run on lines or enjambment
a sentence that doesn’t end at the end of a line but carries on into the next line

a stanza of 4 lines that forms a unit of meaning

a stanza of 2 lines that forms a unit of meaning

shakespearean sonnet
a poem of 14 lines; 3 quatrains + 1 heroic couplet

petrachan sonnet
a poem on 14 lines; an octave ( 8 lines); and one sestet

a combination of stressed + unstressed syllables

unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable

iambic pentameter
the meter used most often by Shakespeare; 5 stressed syllables in a line (10 syllables total)