Skills Lesson: Sensory Imagery

The following words and images point to the sandpiper’s clownlike behavior except —
Vigilant among the grasses

The image that appeals to the sense of touch is —
her hands / warm and damp”

When writing a description, authors often —
appeal to our senses of sight and touch

In the last two lines of the poem, the jetliner is in the air.

What does the poet mean when he writes “the chandelier of stars”?

The stars are hanging beautifully in the sky.

What sense does this poem appeal most to?

Which of the following sentences contains an image that appeals to your sense of hearing?
At dawn there was a gentle tapping at the window.

The line “howling, shouting, screaming, roaring” refers to the —
engine’s roar

What is imagery?
Language that appeals to one of our senses, such as sight

Poets use imagery to —
appeal to our sense of sight, touch, hearing, taste, or smell