Skype account. 5. Create a password Fill up

Skype is a
composite instant messaging and voice chat application allowing users to
connect with one another globally. This is accessed through the Internet.
Spread over 663 million users, it is the most popular communication platform
worldwide. As in a professional world, it is important to keep in contact with
their clients, suppliers, and employees but calling one department to another
can be a little pricey. With the use of Skype, more and more businesses are
getting connected which is reducing the overhead costs and hence, give varied
benefits for the company.

It is
essential to know that Skype’s video calling, low-cost international calls and
instant messaging has made its name in limelight and initiated a motive to
“Work Smarter” in the minds of businessmen. Even, Skype Technical Support says that ‘It is the most reliable and
dependable service where users communicate with ease’. Getting connected to
Skype is as easy as learning ABC.

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Let’s see how
it goes:-

1.      Open Skype’s website

Go to This will allow you to get to its main site.

2.      Click Sign in

Look at the
stop-sign corner of the homepage and by putting your cursor over it you will
see a drop-down menu.

3.      Click Sign up

Refer to the
drop-down menu and click at the right of last line asking “New to Skype?”

4.      Enter your phone number

Here, you
need to enter the email-id or the phone number which is used as a username for
your account.

5.      Create a password

Fill up the
field by entering a strong password. You will get indication written about the
strength of your password. Try to add some special character as well as use
Caps Lock.

6.      Click Next

Click on the
blue button at the bottom of the page.

7.      Enter your name.

You need to
enter your “First name” and “Last name” in the column.

8.      Click next

confirm the name by clicking on next.

9.      Select a country or a region

This software
has intelligent senses which can detect your location and will enter

10.    Add your birthday

In the field,
add your date of birth in the hierarchy Month, day and year from the drop-down

11.    Click Next

Confirm your
data by going to next.

12.    Verify your account

Enter the
code in the field. This code will be sent to you to your email id or phone
number whichever you have provided in step (4).

13.    Submit your data

Click ‘Next’
and submit your code which will create your account.


You can get
Skype on computers, smartphones and tablets. It is easy to use but if you
aren’t able to create your account and found some error in your database then
get help from our professionals through Skype
Support Number.