Slavery North where there wasn’t slavery and to

Slavery is the state of being a slave or the practice of owning slaves. By the end of the American Revolution, slavery had proven unprofitable in the North. Even in the South it was becoming less useful to farmers until in 1793 Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. Cotton soon replaced tobacco as the main cash crop and slavery became profitable again. People and the North and South held somewhat different views on the issue of slavery, but in the North voices of abolitionists such as Frederick Douglass, were being heard. The life of a slave in the South was nowhere close to being anything opulent. The work days for a slave started when it was dark and ended when it was dark. In the morning, afternoon, and evening they did one thing: work in the fields. Depending on the plantation you might work for hours and get breakfast or you might go hours before eating anything all day. They were given no breaks and if their overseer saw they would be whipped or punished even worse. Most men were artisans, carpenters, blacksmiths, and craftsmen. Women were in charge of housework, cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, child care, and more. Housing was a small, one room cabin that was not well built. In result to being poorly built, snow and rain would often get into the cabin and when it rained or snowed the floor would become muddy. Most slaves would sleep on piles of straw or rags and if you were a house slave you stayed in the plantation house. Even the house slaves had a very small space to sleep and had no furniture. Most families would end up getting split at an action. Over a third of all slave children grew up without their father or mother, whether they died or were split up. Slaves would often runaway to try and get to the North where there wasn’t slavery and to become free. Some would run away to try and find their family. No matter what the circumstance was, if a slave was caught the punishment was severe. They could be sold further South so that the journey North would be harder, be forced to work longer hours and do harder work, or could even be hung and killed. Slavery was something that the United States should have avoided. Although people in the 1800’s thought African Americans were so different than whites they were sadly mistaken. Slavery is still a problem today, we just don’t talk or hear about it. India has a total slave estimate of 18,354,700 slaves to do work in agriculture, bonded labor, and domestic work. Most modern slaves are held in Central and East Asia. There are more slaves in that area than were imported to the United States. Abolition was one of the best moments in the United States but now there needs to be something done to help other countries see that they are still people and they are not property.