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So today, we will attempt to talk about 5 Amazing Experiments with Table Tennis balls as well as the Golf Balls. These plastic balls (ping-pong balls) are very cheap and can be used for experiments.The Experiments with Table Tennis Balls  1. Dwarfed Finger – scientist Vebjørn Ekroll has observed with his team the effect of the finger that dwarfs. The wizards are using the balls cut in half, and the audience hallucinates the entire ball. The optical illusion can be used as an experiment. We will cut the ping pong ball in half and deposit it on our middle finger. Our eyes interpret and hallucinate the entire ball. If we want we can rub with fingers of the other hand, your middle finger under the ball. The effect will be more intense.2. Ganzfeld effect – in the absence of external stimulation, our celeb begins to hallucinate in a relatively short time and associate the hallucinations with the patter presented before the Wolfgang Metzger hallucination. If we want to improve the hallucination as well as cover the eyes with half of ping pong balls, we submerge ourselves in body temperature water, and we will get headphones with white noise.3. Convert the ping pong ball – inside the puffed rice bag or any other small and light element we will insert the painted, colorful or visually prepared ping pong ball to the bottom of the bowl. We will prepare another ping pong ball visually and insert into it by syringe with needle, honey or other heavy liquid and deposit it on the rice. Once we start shaking the bag or container, the heavier ball will go down, and light Table Tennis Ball is going to go up to the surface4. Ping pong ball that holds water fill the glass bottle to the top with liquid. We will place the ping pong ball on the neck of the bottle, and we will turn the bottle around. The Table Tennis Ball will be attached to the bottle. Slowly we will turn around without supporting the ball with our hands. The ball is retained by the air pressure and will not fall. 5. Table Tennis Ball to the center of the cup – once we have put the ping pong ball on the liquid surface. It will begin to float to the side of the container. The liquid inside the container forms a concave surface, and the highest point is the side of the container. To put the ping pong ball to the center, we will fill the container until the stop. In this way, the liquid will form an opposing concave surface where the highest side will be in the center where the ball will go.My Amazing Experiments With The Golf Balls In the past, I thought some of my golf balls should be defective. They would never go where I intended them. They went in the woods, in the water, in the rough, sometimes never to find. I never aimed there, but that’s where they went. So, being the analytical guy, I changed the ball marks, Revenge is sweet, so I have one of the offenders re-assigned.My drill has one of its broken buttons. The handle was welded by a previous owner, so I could not replace it. Rather than buying a new button, I dug into my found bag of marbles that other golfers hit into the woods. (Many other guys must also have “defective” golf balls). This post will show you how I corrected my Drill with a golf ball.•    A golf ball (obviously)    •    A piece of wood (I did not show the piece of wood.You already know what it looks like.)•    2 clamps of all styles•    Pliers•    2 wicks •    Forstner bit•    A tap The size of the wick and the tap will depend on the size of the discussions about what you want to screw on the golf ball. You need to determine what wire size you have before drilling the hole. A drill size/ graphical thread is found on many sites. Just search Drill Tap Table, and you will find one that will love you for download. I discovered one which I liked, so I printed, laminated it and hung it on the wall behind my drill press.Take your board and bridle at the drill table. Any flanges will work. You do not want the jury to move. The board I employed was just a piece of plywood 3/4 “thick, but anything over 1/2” thick will work.With the little Frostner, break into the jury. The Forstner bit must be smaller compared to the golf ball. I make use of 1-1 / 4. However, the size is not really important. It’s simply a depression for the golf ball; it will sit in. That will allow you to break into the exact center of the ball without stirring around it (note the very technical term).Try not to drill through it as you may damage your drill table and Frostner wick. Ouch! Install the thin wick and set the drill press depth setting to stop drilling just above the top of the board. This prevents you from completely drilling the golf ball.Here is your chance to get even with the ball. Never again will you have to run after the ball through the woods. Rest the ball in the hole in, the board. It should not move around. If so, drill the hole a little further. With your small drill (I used 1/4), drill a hole in the ball. It drilled easily, and I had it with my hand. If it is not trying to spin, you can hold it with tongs.Remove the small piece and install the required tip for the wire size you need. Given the little news will probably be a different length, you need to reset your depth setting on the drill. My handle was threaded 12 x 1.75 mm, so I drilled the hole 13/32 in. You want to realize that you are indeed drilling into what is basically a hard rubber ball so that the cut wires will deform a lot. It will drill all the way to the stop.Slightly squeeze the ball into a vise if you have one. If this is not the case, you can easily hold the ball by hand. Screw the faucet into the ball all the way down. It is always a good idea to run tap water in 3 or 4 turns and then regularize to clear the material from the hole. Thus, until you touch the bottom of the hole.Finally, Blow into the hole to pull out all the debris.Screw the ball on the handle. You have solved two problems, your drill press has a new button, and you will never lose that ball again. This does not actually guarantee that the rest of your golf balls could start misbehaving. You may need to do more buttons.If you liked this post, you found it interesting or just feel thrilled; you can leave us a comment, thanks.