social studies

Describe how Japanese adopted aspects of Chinese language , poetry , and sculpture .
Under Prince Shotoku rule japan took active interest in china and korea. Using Chinese characters, Japanese poets developed a form of poetry called Tanka. This poetic form was modeled after Chinese poetry. Tanka is based on having a set of number of syllables in each line of a poem. The poem are often devoted to love to the beauty of nature. Chinese and Korean immigrants created most of Japan’s religious art.

Japanese artist learn new techniques from them. Although the Japanese are listed bronze, sculptures in Japan prefered to work with wood.

.What was the role of the shogun ,daimyo ,and samurai?
The role of the Japanese shogun was to act as the top military leader. It was the emperor who first granted this title. The establishment of the position saw the beginning of the rule of shoguns for over 700 years in Japan.The daimyo were military leaders who commanded armies of samurai. During this feudal period, many wars broke out among the daimyo.

Daimyo were landholding lords in feudal Japan between 900s and 1600 CE, during a period when the country was divided into several territories.The samurai were a military class of elite warriors in Japanese history who promoted education and influenced Japanese culture.

Describe life within the Heian-Kyo. How was the city designed? How did people live.
Heian-Kyo was the new Japanese capital ,Emperor Kammu left the old capitan Naru because buddhist priests were taking power. The city designe had a checkerboard pattern with tree lined streets and artificial lakes. The center of the city had government offices and palaces. Daily life had formal manners and Heian ladies sat behind screens.

Entertainment for men had archery,horse races,sumo wrestling they watched boat races. Courtiers played Keman. It had ranks, there were at least 9 ranks which determined folds in fan.