Social use Scare ware technique. In scare ware

Engineering attack is art of manipulation by attacker to get confidential
information from victim such as bank information, computer access password etc.

do Social Engineering attack attacker need to take more than one step. First
they investigate the background of victim. They search for weak security point
to attack victim and after getting week security point attacker attack on that
get sensitive information from victim.

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attacker use different form of attack to get information from victim.

1.      The
attacker use baiting attacks in which they lure to victim to steal personal
information by using malware. For example attacker provides free software in
online to lure the victim, If victim get lure for this free software and
product and to get free software and product victim fill the personal information
and that information go to attackers.

2.      The
attacker use Scare ware technique. In scare ware technique when victim open the
some website it popup the message that your computer is infected with malware and
call to this number to get solve this problem. When victim call to this number
attacker claims that your computer has been infected and you need to buy
useless service from them.

3.      The
attacker use pretexting technique, in pretexting technique the attacker ask the
question from victim by impersonating those police, tax official, and bank and
gather the personal information from victim.

4.      The
attacker use phishing scam in which attacker send email and text to victim. When
victim click on link it will go to malicious website which is illegitimate
website whose appearance is similar to legitimate version. So user doesn’t
suspect and enter their login id and password and send the information to

can use some step to prevent from social engineering attack

1.      User
should not open email and attachment from unknown person. Even they will get
email from known person they should cross check before open the email. Because email
address can spoof. even email will come from trusted source it can be initiate
by attacker.

2.      User
should use multifactor authentication. The multifactor authentication can helps
to create another security layer for attacker. The Login protects 2FA solution increase
the security of the system and password vary with in one minute. So it is not
easy for attacker to get password.

3.      User
should not fall on trap of free product in advertisement. First they Google the
topic of free product which shown in advertisement and determine that do you need
to accept this offer or not?

4.      User
should keep antivirus/ antimalware updated.  So antivirus scans all system periodically and
determines the virus and infection in your system.