Statement: they cause an imbalance to its structure

Statement: – Drug addiction leads to so many bad
consciousness when it comes to a person’s physical health.

Explanation: – As it weaknesses the body’s immune
increasing the chance of getting more infections. Also, it leads to abnormal
heart rate that doubles the danger of heart attacks. Besides, it causes the
liver to work even harder to the point it might lead to damaging it until it
reaches the level of failure. Drug addiction might produce also some global
body changes such as breast development in men.

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In the United States drug
addicts make over 527,000 costly emergency room visits because of a drug
related problem.

(One out of every 14
dollars) of the nation’s health care bills is paid on those who suffer from
drugs related illnesses.

-Impacts on the Society’s economics:-

Statement: – The effect of drug addiction is
unfortunately not only on the person itself. But also, on the structure of the
society drug addicts lives in.

Explanation: – As the structure of the society is badly
influenced by the increasing numbers of drug related deaths. Whether its adults
with overdose deaths or mothers who are drug addicts and cause the death of a
large number of children. Also the money spent on drug abuse will have a
negative impact on the economy. 

Example: – As a 2014 report has shown that In the USA
25,000 people died from drug doses each year and this number increasing year by
year. Also, around 4.3 percent of pregnant women aged 15-44 have used illicit
drugs in the past month. And finally economic cost of drug abuse in the USA has
reached 180.9 billion in 2014.

Both economics and health effect the society terribly as
they cause an imbalance to its structure from so many perspectives. The
increasing numbers of young people dying because of drugs will lead to a more
of an elderly society which will cause less working people. Also children
deaths caused by drug addict mothers will effect it too.

What did I learn?

That the united states is
one of the most influenced counties by drug addiction

That more than 10% people
ages 12 in the USA have been reported as drug users.