” states. Roosevelt was the 32nd president of

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself ” (BrainyQuote). Frederick Delano
Roosevelt was a great man. Not only was he a revolutionary but he also kept peace
and prosperity to the United states. Roosevelt was the 32nd
president of the United States. American statesman, and politician. Roosevelt
was born on January 30, 1882 in Hyde park, NY and was unfortunately deceased on
April 12, 1945 because of Intracerebral
hemorrhage. Roosevelt served as the US president for a pretty long
12 years, from 1933-1945. Roosevelt had a quite large family with 5 children ( Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr., Elliott
Roosevelt, James Roosevelt, John Roosevelt, and of course
Anna Roosevelt).


Franklin Delano
Roosevelt was a pretty busy man he’s been working and accomplishing his goals
his whole entire life with no retirement. Roosevelt started off as a democrat
with a dream of one day becoming the United States president and he sure was a
good one. In 1910 FDR won the US New York senate elections which uplifted his
career tremendously. During the awful great depression Roosevelt was directing
the US federal government which executed his Infamous New Deal. Roosevelts New
Deal was a whopping success for everybody it was a series of public work
projects, financial reforms, and federal programs that he launched to help the US
from the awful great depression ( Encyclopædia
Britannica). FDR won an incredible four presidential elections which instantly
made him a role model for all teens and young men out there.


Roosevelt has set
many different goals during his life time and he accomplished many of them but
one of his most important goals to reach was to get rid of German National Socialism and Japanese militarism. Roosevelt guided
the US through two of its toughest times, the great depression and of course
world war II. Another whopping success from FDR was his “100 days”. In these
one hundred days FDR promised to issue changes for everyone and like anything
else he ever said he did it. The first accomplishment of the 100 days was the ”
bank  holiday ” which closed all banks
until congress meets. This ofcourse helped in ending depositors runs which were
threatening to destroy the entire US banking system. Another outcome of the 100
days was the two key recovery measures, the (AAA) Agricultural adjustment act,
and the (NIRA) National industrial recovery act. Both of these acts increased
prices of agricultural commodities, expanded the proportion of national income
going to farmers.  Its strategy was to grant subsidies to producers of seven
basic commodities—wheat, corn (maize), hogs, cotton, tobacco, rice, and milk—in
return for reduced production, thereby reducing the surpluses that kept
commodity prices low. (Encyclopædia



Franklin Delano
Roosevelt was a pretty successful man but do you actually think all this success
came to hi right away? Of course not, in the real world you have to fight for
what you want. Like any other person FDR had a lot of personal struggles while being
the president. One of his all time struggles of couse was his paralysis(
learning liftoff). When Franklin D. Roosevelt woke up
on August 10, 1921, with plans to take his wife and three older children out
for a sail in New Brunswick, Canada, he had no idea that it would be the last
day he would have full use of his legs. His paralysis made him weaker
physically and also psychologically speaking. Another awful tragedy that FDR
had to go through was thetragic death of his beloved wife Sarah Roosevelt in
1941. FDR took a long time to recover after this sad loss. Which really
affected him emotionally.


In the end of
the day its true that FDR was a great and honorable man. He sure well came to
the US when it needed him most and guided it through good times and bad times.
Hel helped get the US out of the awful and maddening great depression. He
helped set new laws and regulations because of the New Deal. He boosted the
agricultural economy in the US because of his extraordinary 100 days. Franklin
Delano Roosevelt is truly a man of honor, dignity and trust. He will always be
in the Hall of fame.