Strategic initiatives in the department. Right form making

Strategic human resource management has gained importance in
managing critical resources. Currently SHRM has become relevant in-service
organisations. The importance of strategic human resource management in an
organisation can’t be overemphasized due to the fact that human beings are the
driving force behind any organisation. One of the ways that strategic human
resource management is beneficial to an organisation is the manner to in which
it can pave way for growth and development, while keeping the driving force
happy and satisfied.

How is this possible? Why is this important?
How can it help? Let’s have a look. One company so this correct Apple as they’re
the leading mobile phone technology in the global. It has initiated several
innovative HR schemes and infect bagged many awards for their initiatives in
the department. Right form making a commitment to enrich the quality life to
its employees, to having a safe place work environment and opening intitutes
all around the global (Durai Pravin., 2015)


So, what exactly is strategic human resource management that
can help a company achieve its goals effectively?… it
is the process linking the human resources function with the strategic
objective of the organisation in order to improve the performance. Each
organisation has its ingenious HR style and techniques to create a high-performance
work environment. (Durai Pravin., 2015)


Strategies that can help an organisation avoid its pitfall

Commitment strategy. In this strategy, the
organisation seeks to build up a strong commitment among employees through the
commonality of interests between employers and employees

Compliance strategy. In this strategy, the
organisation aims at increased labour efficiency through improved labour, cost
and process control.

Paternalistic strategy: that aim of this is to
secure labour efficiency through flexibility of staffing workforce stability,
internal promotions and job permanency.

Collaborative strategy; in this strategy, labour
efficiency is achieved through need based hiring of highly skilled labour and
evaluating and rewarding them only through performance based criteria.

With optimum utilisation of organisational resources, HRM
easily paves way of sustained growth nd development of any organisation.