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??”Strategy is thinking about a choice and choosing to stick with your thinking.” (Flander, 2017) Strategy may come in the form of different perspectives depending on the person using the term ‘strategy’. Moreover, most people associate”strategy” as in line with the field of marketing. Similarly, anything that pertains to marketing should definitely have astrategy or strategies. Companies use such marketing strategies in order for them to attract customers to buy a certain product or to avail of a certain service that is being offered by different companies. There are several ways to endorse a product or a service. There are companies that only use one method of strategy, while some companies may use different methods of strategy. It is said that there are mainly two types of promotional strategies namely; push strategy and pull strategy. In a push strategy, the company takes the product directly to their customer in order to increase their awareness of the product or the service that they offer. This can involve aggressive personal selling or trade advertising (Lamb et.al 2008).  Regardless of the institution’s product or service, a resilient set of promotional strategies could help to place your company in an advantageous. Bradley (2017) mentioned that a marketingplan is vital to the success of the organization and that entitiesshould implement a marketing plan that aims for growth and positive change as the bottom line. Having a strategic plan or marketing plan in your business means that you have plans in terms of dealing with both expected and unexpected circumstances. The importance of these strategies changes as the purchase process advances (Kurtz et.al 2009). A right promotional strategy would be helpful for companies or institutions in making the target customers understand that the company or institution itself has the right product or service for them. Using the best medium is a tip so that the target market or customers could be reached in the bestpossible manner.According to Carl Hose, the author of the “Writer’s Journal”, there are top ten promotional strategies in terms of marketing.  (1) Contests being the first bring the people’sattention to your product or service. The concept of this strategy is to promote what is your brand and as well as increase awareness of your logo to the public in order for it to be recognized. Next is through (2) Social Media which can be considered as the most common strategy for almost allcompanies and institutions. Social networks connect with a world full of potential customers. This could help lessen or diminish the boundary between the company and the buyer. Another strategy is called the (3) Mail Order Marketing; in this strategy, customers already chose to get your product or service, but what would be beneficial is that, if companies can get own opinion from these customers. (4) Product Giveaways is a method or a way often used by companies to introduce new food and household products. (5) Point-of-Sale Promotion and End-Cap Marketing; point-of-scale is a manner or way to promote new products or such products that a store needs to move, while end-cap feature products that a store wants to promote or move quickly. Another is (6) Customer Referral Incentive Program which is a way to motivate and influence existing customers to mention new customers to your product, service or store. This is a promotional strategy wherein your (current) customers act as your sales force. Next is (7) Branded Promotional Gifts; giving these gifts can be a more effective promotional tool than handing out simple cards or bookmarks that could be easily disposed by your target customers. (8) Causes and Charity is also a strategy, through this, customers get a product they can use.Promoting your products and at the same time supporting a cause could be an effective strategy. Next, (9) Customer Appreciation Events, events having free refreshments or so will draw customers into the store. Setting up stalls or displaying products before the launch or the event will ensure that the products that the company wants to promote will be that obvious and visible when customers arrive. And lastly, (10) After-Sale Customer Surveys wherein companies contact or call the customers who have purchased the product and gather information that can be used for marketing. This will serve as a dual purpose since companies are capable ofasking the customers and buyers of what they feel about the product and to strive to provide the best product and also service there can be. Promotional strategies should be designed to suggest, encourage, and facilitate personal interpretations of the self?relevance and positive consequences of product and/or service use.