Strengths:My out. I really enjoy helping people that

Strengths:My main skill and the one that has helped me the most in my career and in life is my ability to listen.  Today we live in a society where people aren’t taught to listen or even have the desire to listen.  Have you ever stopped to talk to someone, and instead of doing a normal greeting question like, “how are you?”  you ask them a question like, “what color is the sky?” and then they respond by saying, “good.”  They weren’t even listening to what was said.  The response was automatic and robotic.  I’ve never heard of a color “good”, have you?  When people come in and they have issues or questions they don’t want a robotic answer they want someone to listen and hear them out.  I really enjoy helping people that are so frustrated they can barely think straight because I just sit there listening to them and more times than not just by me listening intently it diffuses the situation. Now they become receptive and calm and we can resolve the problem at hand.This brings me to my second and third skill set.  I am a great problem solver and can easily communicate effectively with others.  And I think to be effective in the career and i think you need to have both these skill sets.   If you can’t solve the issue on hand you will have a very upset people, or you can’t effectively explain and communicate, you’ll get the same outcome. I take great pride in my ability to solve problems and issues that may arise. I believe in “first call resolution” with every customer every time and practice this daily.  As a problem solver, I need to be innovative and think outside the box that way I can effectively explain and communicate.  Unfortunately, today we don’t live in a perfect society where everything fits into a cookie cutter type box.  Daily I use my listening skills, problem-solving capabilities, and communication skills to better assist my peers and my career.My Needs Improvement:    Even though I have a lot of skills that I have been working on through the years, there are also quite a few skills which need to be improved upon, the biggest being my ability to delegate.  Regardless of the situation when I’m at work I feel like I need to be in control of everything because if I’m not in control and something happens I feel like I have failed then.  In general, I don’t like letting people down or disappointing them especially my peers. This has caused a huge struggle for me despite my efforts to change it and it is a constant battle I work on every day.  In this industry being able to delegate is essential and a key part my job.