Study or unsystematic, efficient or inefficient.” Study-habits are

habits are very important for learning purpose, study habits are those
techniques, such as note taking, summarizing and outlining or locating the
material which is helpful for the student or learners to assist themselves in
the efficient learning and provide the material at hand. The term Study
Habit indicate method of studying, these are very important skills
for learner and helpful to provide the direction in the good way of learning.

 According to Good’s dictionary of education,
“Study habit is the tendency of pupil to study when the opportunities are
given, the pupil’s way of studying whether systematic or unsystematic,
efficient or inefficient.”

are also helpful to essence the dynamic personality of the student. A systematic
study habits are important an individual for the future. The present time is a
competitive. Study-habit is a process that provides the knowledge and
direction; study habits are helpful to know the individual actual potential.
Good study habits provide the good academic record and bad study habits provide
the poor academic record, study habits have direct relationship between study
habits and academic achievement. It plays an important role in student performance
in academic field, study habits plays important role in learning and school
success. The students studying in private schools have much better study habits,
as the students studying in government schools student. Study habits of the
students depend on their school environment, planning, reading, note making
habits and concentration. Study habits also depend on their family environment
and parents’ knowledge. They are very important aspect for the study habits of
the student or the learner to gain good habits. 
Good Study habits are helpful to the student to influence the preparation
for examination. As we know the advancement of technology and science becomes
increasing day by day, for this good study habits helpful to achieve the target
or goal for education purpose. Education has played an important role in
transforming a human into a useful citizen. Social aspect are also play an
important role to achieve the study habits, social aspect include transmission
of culture , value and beliefs, skills and study habits, self-concept and
experiences as well as transmission of systems of working in life. Study habits
important to the students for teaching or learning to utilize a process for
thinking about thinking usually in steps.

 A study habit requires students to recognize,
recall, and execute the particular steps in the study skill. Study skills are
important for acquiring, recording, organizing, synthesizing, remembering and
using information and ideas.

 Study skills include many behaviors that
pertain to various school- and home-related situations. These
include preparing to learn (e.g., personal discipline, organizational
skills, attitude, ability to self-monitor), how do learners acquire
knowledge (e.g., listening, note taking, outlining, and organizing),
and applying knowledge (e.g., test-taking, writing, remembering, and
self-monitoring). (International Journal of Social Science by Dr. Suresh Chand,
July 2013)

Self-confidence is also one of the
most important influential motivators in human everyday lives. Self-confidence
is the central mediating construct of achievement the goals. It is not a motivational
perspective by itself, and helpful to know capabilities for accomplishment of
some goal, therefore it must be considered with in a broader conceptualization
of motivation that provides the goal or target.

 Self-monitoring is important to provide
information about current performance or situation, then evaluated by comparing
the performance with one’s goal. Students who have
strong and good study habits often succeed in school because they know how
learn material successfully Organization of information such as what things are
due, notes and projects and organization of time or time-management – when are
things due; learning to be proactive with assignments. So Habit is something is
done on a scheduled, regular and well planned for the purpose of leaning. Therefore Study Habits
and self-confidence both are very important aspect in the development of good
habits and skill, with help of these two parameter, we can compare the habits
and confidence of students which are enrolled in government and private schools
(U.P board and CBSE board).