Studying CT the radiologist was performing a biopsy

Studying radiography at university has interested me since visiting the radiography department at Sandwell Hospital.My experience here gave me insight into the daily life of a Diagnostic Radiographer and enhanced my understanding of the career.I was particularly interested in how the radiographer developed relationships with patients and healthcare professionals.BTEC Science has enabled me to learn about the anatomy of the human body focusing on the organ systems and how they work together to support our day-to-day functions.Such as Unit 11 where we studied the musculoskeletal system, including how it provides support, movement and stability to the human body.As the course is heavily based around assignments I have developed my organisational abilities and have met all deadlines for submissions achieving good grades in all assignments.Within Psychology I have studied Psychopathology which has helped me to understand the behaviour of patients and how I could work with them to provide the best care.For example the symptom and explanations of mental health issues such as Schizophrenia and depression enabling me to recognise and overcome the challenges when treating the patients.During my work experience at SWBH, I visited many sectors in the radiology department to gain further insight into the daily life of a diagnostic radiographer.I had the opportunity to see the main Outpatient X-ray, Ultrasound, CT and A&E X-Ray where qualified radiographers adapted the procedures to suit every patient.Each sector showed me something new, in CT the radiologist was performing a biopsy on a patient with the help of a radiographer to take a sample, so it can be tested to identify if it is cancerous.Whereas in ultrasound the sonographer was performing a scan on an elderly woman for any abnormalities in her abdomen.I especially enjoyed A&E x-ray because of its fast-paced environment as the radiographer had to get the patient in and do the x-ray within a set time limit.This just shows that being a diagnostic radiographer requires making independent decisions and constantly applying their in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy whilst working under demanding conditions.During my hospital visit an elderly patient with dementia was being given a chest x-ray, but in order to get the best image, the professional radiographers worked collaboratively with the nurse to get the patient comfortable and take the correct image.The hospital was a clear example of a multidisciplinary workplace as a radiographer you cooperate with doctors, nurses and radiologist to get the correct diagnosis for the patients.This experience was valuable to me, the radiographers in the hospital it taught me that radiography isn’t just about taking the best images, but also about communicating with the patient to make sure that they are okay and are aware of what is going on.Having to be extra gentle when getting the x-ray done as quickly as possible so the patient wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.Radiographers have to empathic towards the patients, have great interpersonal and communication skills.I believe that I have these skills within me along with a devotion to helping others.I currently work as a mentor at my school, helping children that are having difficulties in their lessons working alongside the teachers and SSWO.Also, I volunteering at my local community mosque helping children every Saturday with their Islamic studies for the past 5 years.Along with fundraising for the charity Islamic Aid helping raise money for people who have been afflicted with hardship.I do this to because I’m passionate about my religion and helping children or those in need is an important value of mine.Outside my academia, I spend time in the gym engaging in team activities such as walks, swimming and gym sessions.I’m excited about the opportunity to develop my current anatomical knowledge, gain a foundation in Radiography technology, work with peers to develop interpersonal skills and gain essential on-the-job training through University placements.My future career aspiration is to work in the NHS as a general radiographer in a fast-paced environment such as A&E.With further experiences and studies I aspire to be a Consultant Radiographer.