Studying this course I find myself enticed from

Studying A-level psychology
and biology has enhanced my strong interest in comprehending the human mind and
behaviour in greater detail, over the years psychology has been a part of my
life in different aspects. I found myself from a young age observing individual’s
behaviours and would wonder why people would act in certain ways. This
inquisitiveness would build up to what has become my calling, which I believe
is to study psychology and further progress into this field.

Studying psychology has given
me deeper insight into different parts of psychology, I found topics in
psychopathology such as depression, phobias and OCD particularly fascinating,
in how mental health issues are diagnosed and how it can affect one’s personal
life. While studying this course I find myself enticed from the knowledge I am
gaining and am confident this is the path I want to take and thrive to further
my knowledge. This understanding and knowledge I have gained studying
psychology will help me when going on to studying this at a higher level. Studying
biology has also given me a deeper insight into the human mind and different
parts of the body and how they work, which I also found myself interested in. I
have completed a 90-credit diploma construction management and the built
environment which taught me many essential skills, for instance how to be an
exceptional leader and be an effective communicator as well as a good listener
which I are very important characteristics you should have. Further in my time
studying this course I was taught about the different laws and regulations and
how to comprehend and follow them so that there are no legal complications, I
can use this knowledge I have obtained and adapt it for psychology.

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experience in working as a shop keeper has helped me develop my communication
skills. I have also learned about dealing with different members of the public
from children to elderly, as well customers with mental illness. This has given
me insight on how to change my approach when dealing with the different individuals.
The skills I have obtained from working
as a shopkeeper include learning to deal with stressful situations and adapting
to the situation, working to tight schedules, able to
prioritise work load and knowing how to structure work in terms of importance.

My late grandmother suffered
from dementia and Alzheimer’s for many years and in which involved me looking
after her for a few hours a day, this helped me understand more about Alzheimer’s
and how from day to day you had to adapt to her mood and how she was feeling,
this had allowed me to develop different skills I didn’t think imaginable.

I myself believe to be a
hardworking and motivated individual. I have reliance that I’ll be able to
tackle any challenges that may come my way. I also consider myself as well as
others to be a helpful and caring individual and this has been shown throughout
my life, in many different cases, such as the vast amount of charity work for
many different causes such as cancer research and orphaned children.

In my spare time I like to
keep myself occupied in doing various activities from swimming, playing rugby
and karate to which I have obtained my blackbelt.  As well as this I like to indulge myself in in
reading, I am currently reading Man’s search for meaning by Viktor E. Frankl.

Mental health in my culture is
a taboo and throughout many Asian cultures as they tend to be very conservative
and closed minded. Growing up I didn’t quite understand the concept of mental
health and what it was until I personally went through a traumatic experience
which triggered an anxiety disorder and I felt as if I had no one to talk to
about, because of the way I was brought up and my culture, which through my
personal experience made matters worse, In the future I want to be able to
break this barrier and stigma around mental health. I would like to educate
people more on matters about mental health and that it is acceptable to be open
about these topics, and hopefully help many people.

I am particularly
interested in pursuing is Clinical Psychology. Although I know this is not an
easy or swift career to take in psychology, it is one I am highly motivated to pursue,
and I believe I will be an exceptional student who will show great potential.