Sumerian Literature

Where is Sumeria?
Mesopotamia(Iraq) …close to rivers for water source

What are some of Sumeria’s greatest accomplishments?
number system of 60

a theme, plot pattern, descriptive detail, or character type that recurs in literature in multiple cultures and time periods

a long search for something

the development of a character through the characters words, thoughts, actions, and appearance; the authors direct statement; other characters opinions

what was our basic definition of the epic of gilgamesh?
a long narrative poem about a sumerian king who lived around 2500 bc

how does the theme good vs. evil apply to the epic of gilgamesh?
gilg.=good humbaba=bad guy

what are common signals of an evil or virtious nature that apply to gilgamesh and humbaba?
Humbaba is always alone and lives in the dark forest
Gilgamesh has many friends and a side kick and lives in a city full of light

Why does Gilgamesh want immortality so badly?
1) Enikudu dies
2) he is 2/3 god

what are two types of immortality he tries to obtain and how does he search for each?
1) physical–> seeks out utnapishteem
2) he wants people to know about him for centuries to come—> kills humbaba

What are the results of gilgamesh’s search for immortality?
1) yes (fame) 2) no(immortality)

How does the epic characterize the sumerian gods?
selfish(value sleep over human life); unfair(punishment doesnt fit crime); impulsive(dont think it through); distant(warning=to house in a dream)

Pastoral poetry
poetry about the pleasures of a simple life in the country; includes love and nature, and puts readers in a peaceful mood

Who writes Pastoral poetry?
sophisticated city dwellers who usually are writing it to escape the city life.(they dont realize how tough life in the country is)

What is a famous example of Pastoral Poetry?
“The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” by Christopher Marlow

In the voice of the swallow how is the bird theme used?
everyone is seen as a bird and birds mate for life(relating to humans)..the woman talks to the bird but repeats the conversation with her lover

What is the difference between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2?
In Genesis 1 God speaks things into existence and in Genesis 2 God creates things by his actions(breaths into clay)… gen 2 is more personal and caring

God’s relationship with man and woman in the world?
God created Adam and Eve was created from one of Adam’s ribs. So Eve came 2nd

How does the flood story Characterize God?
Not completely unfair and shows that he is caring the way he put all the animals on the ship (opposite from gilg.)

What is the covenant from the flood?
God is going to provide for the repopulation of earth (shows he cares)