Summary a decomposed corpse with a ruby ring


The movie Pee Mak is about
the hero, Mak or his original name is Mark was drafted to serve in a war. In
order to protect his country, he had to leave his pregnant wife. During the
war, he met four fellow soldier who then become his best friend which is Ter,
Puak, Shin and Aey. Once the war was over, Mak invited his friends to his house
and introduced them to his beautiful wife, Nak. The rumors spread along the
village that Nak has died while giving birth to their son, Dang and become a
ghost. The person who spread this rumour is Aunty Priak and a few days later,
she was found dead floating on the river. Before she dead, she had a chance to
tell Mak, that his wife is already dead but then was stopped by his son. Mak
felt so frustrated that all the villagers are bad-mouthing about Nak and turn
out to be that his friends are also suspicious about Nak. There are a fews
clues that come up showing that Nak is a ghost such as, Shin saw that the house
was wreck, the baby cot was rocking by itself, and he saw Nak extending her
long arm to pick dropped lime. The most solid evidence is when Ter found a decomposed
corpse with a ruby ring exactly like Nak behind Mak house. He tried to tell Mak
about this but he cannot said a thing, because he had been stung by bees. Soon,
all of Mak’s friends convicted that Nak is actually a ghost. Mak’s friends
tries variety of ways to reach Mak and tell him about his wife. Soon, Mak and
Nak went for a date at the amusement park. Mak’s friends succeed kidnapping
Mak, they intend to bring Mak far away from Nak for his safety. In the middle
of this plan, there have been misunderstanding that, they thought Mak is the
ghost but soon, it is cleared that Nak is the ghost. Mak and his friends went
to a temple to get protection from the monk but they failed. Nak appeared in
her terrifying ghost form and attack them. Nak stated that she felt angry
because she just want to be with someone she loved and she did not intend to
disturb anyone. At first, she tried to kill Mak because she wanted Mak to be
with her but at the end she stop because she realize that she had been scaring
her husband that always tell her that he scared of ghost. It turned out to be
that Mak already knew about Nak all along, he have been suspicious of Nak
during the charades game and he already found the decomposed corpse behind his
house. His heart break into pieces when he found out about it but he realize
that he is more afraid living without her, that is the reason why he pretend
that Nak is a human. Then, the two of them reconcile. At the end, Mak, his wife
and his four friends lead a happy life in the village. Nak use her supernatural
power to help the villagers.

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