Superhero and Sciences. Captain America: Civil War has

Superhero movies are gravely undervalued and have themisfortune of not being taken seriously, specifically by The Academy of MotionPicture Arts and Sciences. Captain America: Civil War has raised the standardsfor any up and coming superhero movies. There are various categories in which CaptainAmerica: Civil War deserves to be nominated for an Oscar.

Superhero movieshave strengthened tremendously throughout the years and deserve to be looked atdifferently in regards to other movies. Joseph and Anthony Russo chose to write this movie scriptdifferently, in a sense that there was not going to be a clear winner, as bothsides had valid points to show. Captain America: Civil War clearlyexpresses the need for family in a world where people will abandon you, butfamily will have their disagreements or differences, and in the end still lookout for one another, this is visible throughout the movie. This is not yourconventional good versus evil, the superhero’s are fighting against each other,not an evil being. The character’s are not one dimentional as you would expectin superhero movies. Viewers have also been challenged by the fact that thereis no winner, the viewers have been left to decide on their own who they thinkis right or wrong. Captain America: Civil War clearly goes against allstereotypes in order to present the audience with a powerful political thrillerthat is significant in todays society.