Tanka Poetry

“The flower of waves”
Lady Ise – wrote about waves. waves when crashing look like flowers, compares flowers and waves. Emotion = subtle, soothing, appreciation of nature

“The sight of flowers”
flowers had affected something in her heart, not let it be seen that she has been affected by a beautiful sight. struggling to hide emotions

“Though I go to you”
repetition (s) and alliteration dreams about lover but it is way more important to see him, then just dream, even for a moment

“Doesn’t he realize”
irritated with lover, bothered that he thinks he came and do whatever with out appreciating her, should not take her for granted

“Unseen by men’s eyes”
Brocade = thick clothe, deeply colored. unseen beauty, fall, mountains, emotion = deep appreciation for beauty of nature – hidden, fall leaves.

“Now that the blossom”
late spring imagery sadness, something terrible has happened but there is hope

“One line pine tree”
(o) sound lends you to think lonely. one pine tree growing by itself = author connecting with loneliness suggest they found companionship at end of poem

“Drops of dew”
(s) and (d) image of spider webs covered in dew = worlds jewelry and decoration, emotion = appreciation of beauty of natural world