Is it the teachers or good facilities that lead to excellent academic achievement

Teachers should be absolute experts in their field and exemplary influences to their students before attempting to teach in a school. Excellent teachers are certainly important, as they are the ones who have knowledge about their topic and it is their responsibility to impart it on the students, as well as to motivate and inspire. Especially in sports students seem to clearly put facilities before teachers or the coach. Every week though, our school basketball team keeps training. All of a sudden they stop, as the teacher takes the ball and prepares to run up for a dunk.

Slamming it home, the students all stare with their mouths open. Amazing how the teacher manages to inspire them on the dilapidated basketball court. Surely it seems as if the teacher is the one who is going to lead them to success. However clean, conveniently designed buildings and class rooms, excellent sporting facilities, wonderful orchestral equipment, contemporary computers and an illuminating library, can definitely encourage learning and broaden the range of subjects that students choose to study.

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When it comes to students, a lot of them talk about the schools facilities before actually referring to the teachers. The key to success lies in a balanced combination of both but is it the teachers that are the ones that make students produce good results? Teachers have been looked up to since ancient times, like Aristotle or Socrates. Aristotle was not primarily a mathematician but also made important contributions by systematizing deductive logic. Imagine having teachers in your own school who try to contribute in educational advances, not just teach students.

Socrates set the standard for all subsequent western philosophy. What would students and other members in the school society think, if a chemistry teacher had new critical thinking and would try to expand in the reality of their field? They would maybe be regarded as crazy but they could earn a lot of respect if they were to be successful. If a teacher is not expert enough in their field, and cannot successfully teach their students while making lessons fun and inspiring, then failure would be right in front of many of the student’s eyes.

Only those, who are self motivated and hard working, would have the nerve to sit down and be to ambitious and determined revise on their own to get respectable grades, while the rest of the class would not fulfill their potential. An excellent teacher brings life into the work, researches extra background information with the class and even expands further than the syllabus to encourage students and expand their understanding.

If the teacher were to not care about who finishes their homework, or were not to check the students work on a regular basis, quite a number of them would not be anxious to do their work, which would result in serious consequences. These could go as far as complete failure in the particular academic area, when they did have potential, or even as far as their future dreams and chances being damped. A teacher needs to make students understand, that no matter how boring or hard some work can be, it is for their own good and it affects various future prospects.

Although a teacher needs to earn the respect from students in a class first, he or she is their guide through the subject from the moment they are put collectively in the class room, resulting in the students immediately putting a lot of assurance and confidence into him or her. A dire teacher will who would show no sense of organization neither would he care about who completes work, would be a terrible influence to the students and their working habits.

What if the teacher was to show students how to lead an organized and productive life, but he himself would have a history of social problems, and maybe even police warrants. How could someone, who although might be good in their field of work, but has no stable control of their life, or has had a clear history of problems, be an influence to the children. As there is no stopping to his social instability, it could even lead him into kidnapping, torturing or even murdering his students. Although this might seem quite farfetched, no one would even want to risk a situation like this arising.

An excellent example of this is the two girls Holly and Jessica story. These two young girls had great respect for their teacher, but one day she and her boyfriend who was the school caretaker, took them hostage and murdered the girls. This definitely proves that the teachers need to be an excellent influence and that the facilities are not the only motive for good academic achievement. It is quite obvious that teachers are not only meant to teach students in their particular subject, but are predestined to teach them how to get around in life.

Thus, one must say; if a teacher didn’t care about the amount of noise level in a class, or what topics students were to be discussing, he or she would not be a fabulous influence. Swearing and shouting, as well as students communicating with losing their temper over any small problem, would escort them in the immoral direction. School facilities would not stop students from behaving this way, nevertheless the teacher could and in most places would do something about it.

If they are to explain them how to behave to be accepted the public, and what the immoral and right things in life were, then when combining this with intellectual success would unquestionably guide them towards a good future. It is no use for them to be intelligent but have serious attitude troubles. Facilities could probably not make a considerable difference to this. On the other hand though, a school with terrible facilities would also not at all encourage students to study. A school with really appalling facilities would have a clear negative moral affect on students.

Students would definitely not be encouraged if a basketball court were to be severely damaged, or if the football field were to be patchy. In class rooms, it would only be a disruption to academic achievement if the white board were so grimy you could barely read anything written on it, or if the rooms were to be without air-conditioning or sufficient lighting. Facilities clearly encourage students and help them succeed, however with out good teachers nothing at all would be achieved.

It is always possible to make best use of the facilities no matter how terrible they are, and a good teacher would even be able to inspire the students to work even harder in order to find improved places where they can prolong their educational life if they were to score well in examinations. Therefore, it is crystal clear that a responsible, motivating, inspiring and organized teacher who can convey knowledge to his students is the key to success, while good facilities just encourage and help students even more in their academic accomplishment.

A good teacher earns respect from all students, and this way leads them to a good future. If they can teach them both their particular subjects and social understanding then they are much more likely to be acknowledged at jobs and societies when the graduate. Students really desire for a great school with the most modern facilities, but if the teachers are not up to standard, they will find it very tough to achieve their impending results. More effective schools would not only consider developing facilities but to find excellent teachers and even provide training for them.