Team skills training, and be rewarded accordingly. Without

Team based
organizational structure

A large organization
can’t be managed properly unless it has a strong internal structure. There are numerous
ways to structure an organization, including by function or by department. One
of the most common is a team structure. In a team based structure, the
organization consists of teams that perform the organization’s work. These
teams usually are a mix of people from different departments working together.
It is essential for the employees to be trained to work on teams, receive cross
functional skills training, and be rewarded accordingly. Without a properly
implemented team based pay plan many of the benefits of a team structure may be

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Some Advantages of
the Team-based organization is as follows:

Shared goal setting

Since most teams work
on projects and they usually have little to no functional hierarchy. Teams are
provided with a few guidelines that they must work on. This helps in setting
goals that are mutually agreed within the team. Management helps collaborates
with the teams to set goals and objectives.


Trusting each other
is one of the most essential part of team organization. Team members must trust
each other capabilities and since most of the work they do is dependent on the
performance of the team. Being a part of a team helps the members rely on each
other, they do assigned job through mutual support.

Diverse Skills

A team is a small
group of people with various skills. They are all experts in certain areas of knowledge,
yet their tasks are interdependent to each other. It facilitates to develop
competitive advantages of the organization. 


A team is self
reliant, autonomous and self-managing. There is little to no hierarchy and
rules to be followed by team members. Team members set objective, prepare plans
and policies, develop strategies and implement plans independently. Top level
manager only supervises and coordinates team performance just to make sure that
their work aligns with the company expectations. 


Disadvantages of
Team-based organization is as follows:

Source of

Based on the nature
of the work, it is usually divided amongst team members. There may be the
possibility of conflict among team members as the responsibilities are
interdependent to each other. Another area of concern differing opinions since
employees from different division might have a different approach to any given
task. It may create a barrier in uninterrupted functioning of the organization.

Difficult to

Since people work in
their own time and work in their own style, it might be difficult to coordinate
or match/keep up with the pace of the work of the entire team. This might cause
an imbalance, and the project assigned might not finish on time.

Lack of effective

Various teams are
formed based on nature job. Since all members are merely part of the team,
there is no one to keep a check on the progress of the project. This might
cause a problem because there will be no one to inspect the quality and
quantity of work an individual is doing.


There is
interrelation and interdependency over the performance of all the teams in the
organization. The lack of effective performance in one team generates problems
in the operation of all the teams of the organization since if one function of
the job is not done it will be reflected in the finished product. The
short-comings of one team might be felt throughout the organization. Similarly,
the shortcomings for one individual in a team might cause the entire team to

Human Relation

In case of a quarrel
within a team, the working condition for all the team members might suffer. if
any misunderstanding arises among team members or amongst teams, it will be
disastrous for the team since it will not only affect the work of an
individual, it will hurt the quality of work of the entire team. The
satisfaction of the workers in the team might also suffer.

Ways to make
team-based organizations more effective

Consider each team member’s ideas as valuable. Giving each member of the team its due respect and encouraging members
to give their feedback to each other would be a good way to see if everyone is
on the same page. This will help setting standards for the level of work and improve
the quality of the work done.

Encourage trust and cooperation among employees on your team. The relationships team members establish among themselves are most
important since it is highly dependable on the work productivity. Failure to
have a good connection with the fellow team members might cause the quality of
work to suffer. Therefore, the team should be comfortable working with each

Encourage team members to share information. Encouraging
employees to be transparent on the work they are doing and taking updates on
the task assigned is a good way to measure the level of progress and see the
pace at which the project will be finished.

communication does not mean that there should be meetings all the time. Instead,
it means being open to suggestions and concerns, by asking questions and
offering help, and by doing everything you can to avoid confusion in your own

Using consensus is a
fair way to solve any problem, whenever there is a disagreement within the
team, a consensus can be used to find the general opinion and executing it will
make the team work more peacefully.  

Set ground rules for the team. The rules can be pretty
basic, like “team members are to be punctual for meetings” or “every team
member has the right to offer ideas and suggestions”, that can be set with the
help of consensus. This will help in making the team members commits to them,
both as a group and as individuals.

Encourage listening and brainstorming. employees are often
afraid to disagree with one another and this fear can lead a team to make
mediocre decisions. Encouraging debate will inspire creativity and that’s how the
team can yield better results.