Technology play video games to release stressed after

Technology developing every day, the way of life has changed. There are many ways for you to entertain and video games is one of the best part for entertainment. When people have free times, they usually play video games to release stressed after 8 hours working or 7 hours study in school. Most people see this is a good way to entertain themselves, and it’s harmless to people, especially kids. However, some people do not agree with that, they said video games is the main reason that caused children violence, children more aggressive, bullying people. Video games does not make children become more aggressive and video games are not too violation. From video games, we can learn a lot of good things that might help in real life. Video games are too violation became an issue when on December 14, 2012. A mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School at Newtown, Connecticut. The killer is Adam Lanza, he “shot 20 children between six and seven years old, as well as six adult staff members… He shot and killed his mother at Newtown home” (“Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting”). After the police searched Adam’s room, the police find out that Adam had reached “83,000 online kills including 22,000 headshots  to train himself for the massacre.” (Bates, Daniel). After that, the people start to blamed that violent video games caused the massacre. But, most of the people do not agree with that, and they said video games are not the main reason that caused the massacre. Today, the argument about video games are too violation or not violation is still one of the hottest topic. Video games does not cause children more aggressive. Instead, video games are helping you by teaching some life skills that would help you in real life such as faster reaction, improve eyesight and analyze information better. For example, a study in Proceeding of National Academy Science show that people who play action video games are study better than people who play non-action video games. Another example is when I have a test for the next day, before I study, I’m usually play video games about 30 minutes. After I play, I study better, faster 10 minutes than when I’m not play video games, and it’s improving my mood, no more stressed. As you can see, video games is not the only reason caused bad behavior on children or adult. Video games are not the main reason that caused children more aggressive or bullying people or shooting people. There are many reasons that causing the same problem such as parents living in violence community, bad living condition, or your children might be a victim of bully, family pressure like school grades “You got “B” again??? You must have straight A!!”(Asian parents) and child abused. First, parents should look back to see what have they done? Today age restriction is at every game stores, and they bought violent video games for their children. That’s their mistake. So they should stop blaming on video games. Second, one of the biggest reason is the way parents raised their children. Parents does not or not even spend time with their children, they teach their children bad things, children abused by their parents… According to “the Facts about Children and Violence”, the fact showed “Children are easy to be exposed to violence and crime than adults” and “Almost one in ten